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    Maybe they hate you more now, dk, but I just spammed the site a couple hours ago as a last goodbye to my eversosweet Goddess Annea, wrote about how she banned me for invented reasons blahblah and linked this site.or was it a very similar site. Well the same thread I think. Just looked different in color, dk. Posted that thread to almost every section and got the fuck out . I could have stayed and looked as the members call me delusional and crazy and unstable oc but i'm so grossed out it gets me really low. I was banned for saying Goddess Annea that - as she was pondering over in a recent thread "Time for a dialogue" the tremendious dilemma of SHITPOSTING (which was basically only done by her little favy babies and naturally got much worse after Annea finiahed thinking it through - basically they let everything go and the whole MPA to those shitposters is one shit forum with nothing as important in it as their "contributions") - that she had a shitpost thread in the actual forum as well. She claimed it was not. I gave her examples and reasoned more. she threw a fit to collect pity from the favy babies. Said she's crying in her office and that "there's much more to this than I can say here" referring I think to me. As a member "veggie burger" had complained about how I harass her and go out of my way to disturb her. Wasn't true of course. Truth is I couldn't care less for this dying 75lbs or so. She was no problem to me. She posted a thread about sodium pills on bulimic forum I think. It's probably still there. Was like two weeks ago. I tried to explain in that thread her situation (she wanted to use the prescribed sodium pills to stay alive and keep purging) and she freaked out when I tried to tell her that the sodium level can't be fixed properly if she keeps purging, she didn't like that answer or maybe she just wanted to tell everyone how sick she is. The thread didn't go on long. I left. happened to quote her elsewhere - she hangs out in the bulimic section. So do I but she WAS there first and of course she is posting her road to death in an accountability where she posts thinspo pics and slashes out at anyone who calls her pretty. She said she tried to block me asked me to do that because...maybe she doesn't know how the click mechanism works. I said I don't want to block her. A day later or so I saw a new thread made in technical support. "How to block a member" by veggie burger. Well oc I simply hacked my way there just to quote her pity seeking dumb post and tell her if it means so much to her (I figured from accountability she was 'unstable' - but I'm unstable all the time, forgave me nothing with Annea) I can try not to quote her posts if it does not disturb me from taking part in the conversation. I thought that was like it. We're square, right? She posts again to someone else " well now she's seen this maybe she realizes to finally leave me alone" (lmao my toe nails are more interesting than her) here comes Goddess Annea saying "send me a pm with more details. I wouldn't want you or anyone here to feel distressed" Before that I had sent her plenty reports about abuse toward me as well as another member. And on both those occations the abusers were her favy babies...Heisenberg, MsBatCat, Billy(?keeps changing the spouse),voguegeh (real bitch,I'ld like to elbow that nose) rabbit something... ...... All reports except one were ignored. On the one I reported Voghueghes comment to me asking "do you often look for attractive teenagers" which was deleted two days later. My account was banned in about two minutes after my piss off post. Which btw was perfectly appropriate and sensible. I said in that post which omfg has NOT been removed (the technical support thread was deleted alltogether when I replied to it after creating a new vpn account when mine was banned and Goddess Annea sent me a note saying my banning (which I'm sure had nothing to do with the fact that I said she took part in abusing me and I also said that she wrote in a post- which she almost immdiately edited to something random-that she doesn't give a fuck if it is offencive to me .... my post giving examples about why her "proana" thread is a SHITPOST thread was commented as being "petty".. probably because I was right.. but then I'm unstable so we'll never know.) Was because several reports had been made of me (I bet my head not a single one from any other than her favy babies) harrassing a member = veggie burger. (Incomprehensible, IK) That's all to put it short I guess. I don't know this site and am way too depressed to commit myself to search for anything so I just posted this to this one that is open and maybe relatively recent. I do hope this is this year's. I don't trust anything I see anymore.
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    testing reply
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  6. You should chop your dads dick off tbh How dare he bring you into existence
  7. thoughts on injecting mk677?

    SR9009 is the one with bad bio availability. S4 is fine. I've never heard of S2.
  8. Collagen and aging

    Mirin' hard tbh I remember seeing this guy on a thread in lookism, he's been usibg retin a for decades
  9. rate my natty arms (srs) in light fraud

    Hm I can't remember the exact study, I remember reading about it on lookism. I do remember there being a study though. I'll try to look for it and post if I find it. If I recall correctly, the general consensus on lookism was that the study was high key promoting another product so likely fabricated their findings to dissuade mk677 use.
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  11. Yeah its accurate upwards of 6'2 but between 6'1 and 5'10 dont have it that bad tbh
  12. what apps can you meet 16-17 year old girls ?

    online games tbh . Thats where i legit met few girls from other countries and fucked last summer
  13. rate my natty arms (srs) in light fraud

    I can't find this? Closest I can find is some wild speculation from DatBTrue http://anabolicminds.com/forum/igf-1-gh/283161-long-acting-ghrelin.html
  14. Foreplay for this guy is actively going through every fat roll looking for his dick
  15. Everything about this profile

    Well thats enough final destination scenarios for today tbh
  16. Rate this GIGA Chad according to Lookism

    I think she's with that arthur farad guy but they're in some weird dominatrix type relationship where she fucks and sucks every model she shoots while he watches. But holy fuck those guys are lean af
  17. thoughts on injecting mk677?

    Interesting. I might take the plunge and do it. I saw someone selling injectable sarms on an aussie steroid board and I kinda got the idea. I think he was saying that he brewed injectable sarms b/c s2 or s4 has a 2% oral bioavailability. I might ask him for a free sample in return for a review. He's selling each vial for like $250 wtf. I would pay but most ppl would just for the much cheaper roids.
  18. thoughts on injecting mk677?

    I doubt there's any danger. Now does it go systemic if injected into muscle? I don't know. It probably filters out to the bloodstream as usual. But no one has done it to my knowledge. Primary research!
  19. They're aware that I am not-nt, but they blame it on me rather themselves for making me ugly
  20. Dutasteride increased my sex drive

    Normal coping mechansim for incels. Males know they are non desriable, so they shut down their sex drive. Might have something to do with low T etc etc.
  21. so i have it in an oil/liquid form, I was thinking of taking a slin pin and just injecting it in my delt are there any objective dangers to this @"TheGreatCornholio" I think each 1ml of my solution is 30mg mk677
  22. Dutasteride increased my sex drive

    hey, I'll snap you in a bit <3
  23. Dutasteride increased my sex drive

    My sex drive is very low. I think women hate me and I hate them etc
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