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    I don't know how google analytics determines the gender of the viewers, but I once read from the lookism admin that a similar thing was happening there. Another long post ahead. Good read, though. Being ugly will affect males more in a social sense more than it will ever affect females. It's not that females can't be ugly, it's that it won't affect them as much as it does a male, because the threshold for a female to be prohibitively ugly is significantly higher. Men will be attracted to a girl oftentimes just because she is a non-obese female, and for no greater aesthetic reason. The reason, then, that females tend to view forums like this or take an interest in them, is because the men here are brutally honest and they want to know "what men really think". If there were two adjectives to describe females, it would be anxiety and insecurity. This stems from their biological inclination to submit, and they are constantly anxious to please, and wondering if they're doing it right. This is what a female with healthy hormone levels should feel. Plenty of women are on online dating simply for validation, but the idea that they're ever going to meet with anyone would make them laugh until their stomach is contorted into knots. They view forums like this one to gauge whereabouts they stand on a hellish looks scale. But there's another huge reason, and I'll delve into it later. They go on tinder to reinforce to themselves that they're valuable, because thousands of guys are dying for them, sending message after message. It can be a great high and it's need never goes away, because girl's moods can fluctuate wildly and validation is the medication. From a younger age than males, females are self-conscious. It happens to be in our society that women are conditioned to be more conscious about their looks earlier on. In any event, by their adolescence, women become extremely redpilled on looks. They know what their makeup routine consists of and they know that if they rolled out of bed and showed up to an event, like most men do, everyone would be horrified by their appearance. This is especially true as the damage from the makeup itself starts to settle in, which necessitates more makeup, and so the vicious circle goes on. Most men on PSL forums are deluded about the average woman, in terms of her body and face. Years of watching porn filled with women who have bleached assholes and who are wearing so much makeup that all that's left is to call the cake merchant to write "happy birthday" all over her face, is enough to build castles of delusion. Most men learn the importance of looks when it's too late, when they can no longer alter their developmental factors, not that it would have changed much if they were destined to a particular fate. I remember the best looking guy in my grade 8 cohort. He's still good looking, obviously (or not), and has a stable PSL 7 girlfriend. Back then, everyone used to make fun of him and call him a girl, because he obsessed over his appearance. He would work on his hair for what was apparently an hour everyday, and would have a panic if anybody's hands came near it. Yes, it's true. Obsessing over your appearance is traditionally a feminine trait. But we live in a paradox, where the most attractive male is one that is the product of deep obsession combined with top tier genetics; obsession that he should never talk about and try to play off as natural as possible. You're kidding yourself if you think there are these monster chad's who walk around with low body fat all year round and are trashing their body's everyday. They have a strong base, but they're doing a lot more behind the scenes. Most of these guys have skincare routines more extensive than females. Using the example of my old school friend earlier, they do really care about their appearances much like a girl. The thing is, "learning" about the importance of looks can be of varying utility to men. It will be of little to moderate utility in almost all cases, but it will never be of extreme utility. To a female, losing weight and learning more about makeup can turn her from an outcast (yes females do get bullied) to the earth's saving grace. Rarely ever would you see such a significant leap in a male's attraction from a simple looksmax, particularly from something as simple as dieting (given also that it's not socially acceptable for us to wear makeup). The thing that is most unattractive to women - more than a very unattractive male - is an adult, virginal male (barring specific fetishes). Women make spectacles of subreddits like r/incels because their whole body screams with repulsion when they hear of an adult, virginal male. If an influential amount of female sexuality can be confined to a phrase, it would be "universal value". Girls will like guys that their friends desire, simply because their friends desire them. A male could be otherwise ugly, but desirable because of some music pop star status, and because females know that he's desirable to other girls, that gives them burning desire towards that male. At times you can 'artificially inflate' your value to a woman, but this is another story entirely. Women laugh at reddits like r/incels because they don't consider them to be men. They lose sight of that completely. They liken them to children who are complaining about someone stealing their toys from their sandbox. This is the brutal endpill. I scream at any virginal male to see a hooker ASAP, because building any sexual experience is necessary. If you do manage to land a girlfriend, which I think is more possible than it is argued on these spheres, and she's in her 20s because you are also in your 20s, you can be assured that she has had her own fair share of sex and will expect you to perform. Females are extremely sexual creatures; more than men. Their desperation for sex can reach levels that males level's cannot, but only towards a select amount of males. If females had the leniency in sexual tastes that are promoted via high testosterone levels in men, but otherwise retained their high sex drives, we would be living in a completely different world. The difference between that guy you walked past in the street the other day, who you KNOW is uglier than you, but he has a girlfriend and he's living a normie life, is because he lost his virginity at a proper time, which provided him with an adequate trajectory to keep communicating with women, not losing sight of how to communicate with them in a neurotypical way. The further difference, is also, that he didn't develop ideas like "sex with a sub 8/10 woman doesn't count", "sex with a supermodel white woman or it doesn't count bro". That hypothetical guy, to which is referred, might be fucking an ugly girl, but hey, he's having awesome sex, he's tying her up right now, she's deepthroating him, whatever, while you're using the standard cope to justify your failure. "oh bro, you gave your girlfriend a sandwich? you pussified whiteknight beta cuck, chad would eat her sandwich then fuck her". It's an ideology that starts in reality (the importance of looks) but drifts into an absurd falsity, which is why normies laugh at them. It's not because they're entirely wrong, but somewhat, and in that somewhat, horrifically so. It's also why females make up the MOST views on these types of forums, because they find it some of intriguing (the looks side), but most of it amusing.
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    When I first joined this site, it's fair to say that I was in a state of utter disarray, aimlessly wandering in what quickly became a thriving database of looks information. Every girl on Instagram who is more than 5/10 has visited and posted on this site once upon a time; this is just a basic fact recently admitted by Trump's office (reluctantly). EVERY male who has ever squinted in his life, even for a single moment, has once been an active and thriving member here. It wasn't always like that. When I first came here, I didn't know where I was, didn't know if I created this or if someone forced me to when I was drunk, I didn't know anything. I was confused, balding, short and ethnic. Today, I'm a tall white man who truly ascended, despite everyone's assurances to the contrary. My hairline comes down to the middle of my forehead. I'm not afraid of anything. "People said I couldn't go gym". - Chestbrah "He was a big guy. I was afraid of Zyzz" - Nymnz These are quotes that I live by, that guide my every thought and ascension. It's been a fantastic time. I've run a 100% legal SARMS lab with @"myster_meat_pua" where we've supplied the entire Australia with the potent chemicals (including the police). I've met up with @"TheGreatCornholio" and admired his true chad looks. I've worked everyday with @"forever_incel" at goldman sachs. I've had special insights into the multi-billion whitehat enterprise run by @"marken12". I've watched @"LMS" go from tax evading league of legends rotter to ascended being who no longer has time to spend here. I wanted to strangle @ethnicsuperpill when we first chatted but now he's my step brother. I've watched myself blow up without using a single steroid, while getting all the side effects of steroid use. I've watched @"GokuBlack" go from tax evading programmer on roids to infiltrating every single online community with half a female on it, and he's currently married to 10 girls around the world. This community is brilliant as much as it is successful. I've watched @"Evelyn" go from classic mother rotter phenotype to well versed in all looks theories, and she has now ascended too. This is the final purplepill. The rest of you are slayer frauds and had nothing to improve on, especially @"Satan" who hasn't aged one bit but refuses to share her secrets. Don't buy into what @"crosshold" says either, he slays prime blondes everyday at miami beach (yes on the beach). Honestly, I couldn't have asked for anything better. I love you all. <3 <3 <3
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    This guide is pretty hardcore and will cost you AT LEAST $100'000 total (although possible closer to $150'000 – $200'000 if you need all the steps done). This is no joke guide, this is no "trolling". It actually works, but it is close to suicide, since you are basically destroying your old self and rebuilding anew. Let us say that if you want to commit suicide this is probably a better alternative. This is actual red pill (harsh truth) and will get you laid desired like nothing else. This guide is designed to get the average incel as attractive to females as humanely possible. It uses and abuses every trick in the book. 1. Height: it has been proven over time that ideal height lies somewhere in 6'2''-6'4'' range. If you are below this, limb lengthening surgery is highly recommended to max out your looks. Limb lengthening can get you 2-4 inches of additional height. Height is extremely important in male to female attraction and a boost in a few inches can give you the much needed edge. Google "limb lengthening forums" to find out details. There are now non invasive methods which place the lengthening rod inside the bone and do not require external fixators minimizing chance of infection. Technology and medicine has progressed to a level where this procedure is relatively safe from a good doctor, but will cost you big bucks. This will be the most expensive part of the whole process. 2. Hair: Unless you have God tier skull (you don't, because you are an incel) you need the hair to keep good face framing. Use dutasteride to maintain and regrow hair accompanied with Minoxidil 5% twice a day. If you have recessed beyond Norwood 2 do a FUE (recommended) or FUT hair transplant. This will cost you about 15'000$ including all the drugs and subscriptions. If you are beyond Norwood 5, then tough luck pal, will have to use a hair piece or settle for a transplant to Norwood 3. In the end I would recommend dying hair black or dark if you are caucasian (yes, women like tall, DARK and handsome men). If you are ginger, we will be fixing that later on in later steps. If you are Asian dye your hair blonde (yes, you want to look LESS asian, deal with it). You want to look like a tan skinned white dude as much as possible (stick to the TALL, DARK and HANDSOME rule). 3. Teeth: Biggie. If you have underbite, overbite or uneven bite it affects not only how your choppers look but the shape of your face and jaw as well. Get that shit fixed. But under no case DO NOT DO TEETH EXTRACTIONS. Just google John Mew and Mike Mew and look what happened to his father when he did the teeth extractions. You want the fullness in your face, so keep your teeth. Goal of orthodontics is to perfect the bite, increase width of your inferior palate and make your face look better. Don't forget to chew gum daily and Mew to hell and back. Your jaw has to be sore. Google "Mike Mew orthothropics". This process might take you up to 3 years, 4 with jaw surgery, lots of pain and total cost might be anywhere from 5'000$ to 30'000$ (depends on your case and location). Be sure to choose an ortho who cares not only about teeth position, but overall facial (no, not that facial you perv) aesthetics. In the end – don't forget to whiten your teeth and replace any old metal fillings with white fillings so all teeth in your mouth look perfect. 4. Face: Alright, this come AFTER step 3, since that step will improve a lot in your face. So to attract women you need a masculine face. Google "sexual dimorphism" and see what it says about faces of men. Strong brow ridge, narrow eyes, strong cheekbones and strong jaw / chin. You will improve the jaw in step 3. JAW: If you still lack chin after braces and jaw surgery, chin implant is an easy solution and gives a visible improvement. If you STILL lack jaw width (it is unlikely) there is a possibility of jaw implants, but they are messy and very "fake" + you might get your needed jaw width by mewing and roiding in the next steps (yes, roiding can increase masculinity of your face). So if you want to mess with your jaw, put that off a bit. Now the other things: NOSE - if you are asian get that surgery to increase your nose bridge and make your nose more western. If your nose is too big, it honestly is not a problem for a guy unless it looks awful. Nose should fit your face. Nose job cost ranges from 5000 to 10000$. EYES - eyes are window of the soul, so it is a biggie. If you have Asian eyes, get double eyelid surgery asap. No wonder half of South Korea are getting them, it improves the look. You might consider using blue iris lenses to make you look more exotic. Dark eyes are generally not too attractive unless you look extremely macho already. Blue eyes are a little more "beta", but look very cool on races other than white (just google black people with blue eyes). Green are good. What you need is a pronounced limbal ring (google it), if you have muddy eyes and lack it then lenses can give you both the color you think fits you best and the limbal ring. Remember: you are killing your old incel self, do not stick to any idea of being loyal to "yourself" or "your race". You are building a new person here, so changing your eye color is ok. Now, droopy eyes are not the worst thing in a man, since it is relatively masculine, but what you want is eagle eyes (narrow). If it is possible via surgery, consider it. I think it is not though, so might give a pass here. If possible, tint your eyebrows and eyelashes black. It frames the eyes better and always looks good. Your hair has to match though. So anything that deviates from the Chad look you have to fix with facial surgery. If your face is really fucked, Le Fort II and other extreme surgeries might help, but you have to find a surgeon willing to perform them. Remember: you have nothing to lose, so take the highest risks. One important thing to note about surgery on face – avoid fillers. They are just not worth it and look fake. You want your face to consist of BONE not liquid and fatty tissue or foreign implants. So do whatever possible to manipulate the bone growth and shape. 5. Skin: Very important, you want to have nice olive tan smooth skin. Not too pale, not pink, not yellow. If you are black, not much you can do there, but otherwise visit a good doc to get that acne cleared up, remove all blemishes and apply Melanotan II (for non-blacks). Melanotan II will give you darker skin, darker hair color, you will have less appetite and higher sex drive with possibly lower inhibitions. Don't abuse it as it can make you a literal nig. Make sure it is legit by taking it to chemist to get checked after buying it from your drug dealer. This is godsend for gingers as you will literally get away from that beta ginger skin tone and fix the red hair problem (hair will become black / dark brown). For black guys: just don't have acne, not much you can do there. 6. Body: Here we go boyos, the big one. So while you are doing all of the above you should be gymcelling at least 4 times a week (and while you are lengthening your legs you can work your top with light exercises). Sleep well (9 hours), eat well and find a good routine with heavy compound lifts. After about 6 months you will have run out of newbie gains. This is where big guns come into play. If you have a good frame and height already with a relatively wide and masculine face then steroids might suffice. Make sure to use "hair safe" steroids, this is very important. You don't want to get buff and bald, then you will just look like a gymcel. Do your research. GoodLookingLoser had a good guide on steroids. You want to grow in muscle and reduce fat. Visible six pack is mandatory. You have to weight at least 190 lbs with bodyfat in the 10-15% range. Steroids will help you fill your frame perfect. However, if steroids are not enough to make you a big and masculine looking guy due to inferior skeletal frame, there is another secret trick. This one is quite extreme and you should definitely consult a knoweldgeable doctor and keep track of your hormonal changes, but it is HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE. Rich piana said that long time abuse of HGH made his SKULL GROW, his HANDS GREW, his GUT GREW (bad, but hey, what can you do) and his FEET GREW. Yes, that shit makes actual new cells in your body so your face and skull will become bigger, wider and more masculine. Ideal for skullcels who have narrow and weak looking faces + Mewers get nice gains for jaw growth. Many of you don't need this, but HGH might be that last extra push that a true mega incel subhuman might need to transform him into mutant Chad. This will cost you a lot. Maybe 1000$ a month if you get it the legit way. A few hundred if you get it illegaly. But you still need to do regular bloodwork and keep track of your health. You don't need to become Rich Piana, he is not aesthetic, but you simply might not have the resources needed to become Chad without HGH if you are a true incel. Otherwise roids should suffice. Don't forget to take dutasteride to offset hair damage from roids. Even the lightest roids increase testosterone which can have a little bit of negative affect on hair. Important thing to take away from this: you want to look like Zyzz or Connor Murphy (the bodybuilder, not hockey player). You can't do this without roids. You want to train big pecs, shoulders for width (females find V shape extremely attractive) and neck with trapeze for thick looking upper frame. 7. Tattoos: Ah, icing on the cake. Once you are roided, tanned to maximum this is the final piece of the puzzle. Get those alpha douchebag tattoos that you see on instagram models (some examples - http://www.cocainecaviar.com/shop/ ). Tattoos like you see on Zyzz are pretty perfect. Half chest, shoulder and arm. You can show off your god tier body and still show you have an edge. Will cost you a few thousand. Don't get hipster or "artsy" tattoos. Stacies think those are gay. Now you might ask – but HOW will I afford all of this? Well, some things you can do already now for free (start lifting 4x a week for newbie gains, don't eat junk food, improve your skin) and mew daily. But this brings me to next point: 8. Money: You need to have a good hustle going on. You need to rake in AT LEAST 60k$ a year on hand. 100k$ is good (magic six figures). NO wageslaving for years, NO low paid office jobs. Forget that. Don't be afraid to break the law to get what you want. When you are in doubt just ask "What would Chad do?". Would Chad care about scamming some normans for $$$? NOPE! So do that! There are plenty of blackhat forums online with different illegal methods on making money in short periods of time. For online crime you get less sentences that you do for shit like drug dealing, so stick to whatever is less risky. You also have an added BONUS to this: you are actually becoming the ruthless, immoral and dominating, low inhibition thug guy women want. IF in the worst case you get to spend a few years in jail for this (don't do crime that puts you in for more than 2 years), it also works in your favor, since women are ATTRACTED to THUGS as they are one of the most masculine men around. In jail you can work out hard, strengthen yourself, get into fights, get scars and prison tattoos and become tougher. I would not recommend this as it would take time away from other things, but you have to understand that for a Chad this is not the worst scenario and can actually help you in lowering inhibitions and develop DGAF attitude. Many of you have good careers already, so simply save money or even take a loan. Don't worry about paying it back, just change name, emigrate or declare bankrupcy. What will they do? Take away your chin implants or confiscate your roided biceps? LOL, Chad doesn't give a fuck. He only cares about his goals. BE CHAD and FUCK THE NORMIES (literally and figuritively). 9. Personality: By this point, if you went through all the steps above you should have a pretty DGAF personality already which will attract women. You will have to speak and flirt with every chick you see. Even if she has a boyfriend. (Chad doesn't care). Guys will be extremely intimidated by you and girls will be attracted to you on a primal level. Guaranteed. You will have become what you hate the most, the DOUCHEBAG CHAD. If someone gives you any shit, just tell them to fuck off. The "What would Chad do?" rule really works here. So just answer like Chad and you are good to go. 10. Dick: Now Stacies will want to fuck your brains out after you have done your transformation, but what about the dick? Many of you here are dicklets (under 7 inches). This is where jelqing comes into play (google Thunders place). You want to have AT LEAST minimum 7 inches in length and 6 inches in width. Dick has to look proportionally big to your body. Do jelqing during this whole transformation period and follow the newbie guys on dick stretching forums. "B-b-b-but is that SAFE?" NO! It is NOT FUCKING SAFE. But WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? You are a LITTLE DICKLET! Stretch that shit and TAKE IT SLOW + WARMUP so you minimise risk. Chad doesn't give shit about safety, you are in no position to care about safety, what you need are COLD, HARD, RESULTS. Also: always carry a pill of viagra with you. You are a chemical factory at this point, so viagra won't hurt. It will maximise your boner and help you plow the pussy like no tomorrow. TRY IT! BONUS STEP – BLING: Once you have really maxed your height, looks, skin, muscles, attitude you have to start investing money in your life. Get a relatively good place where you can bring girls (logistics are important, you want to get the birds to bed FAST). You might also want to buy a relatively good car. Don't go overboard on this. Car is not that important. What would Chad drive? A cool looking Mustang will suffice, just keep it clean. Your car has to look like Chad's car, not beta providers car, so avoid hybrids, electric vehicles and anything that looks in any way "gay" or "liberal". Your car doesn't have to be "pretty", it has to be "masculine". You don't really need to buy much bling as your body speaks for itself, but you might buy some diamond ear studs a snapback collection and some tees in style of "Cocaine & Caviar" or similar. This method will get you all types of girls, from Stacies to cute library girls. When you speak with a less quality girl (nerd, otaku, librarian) just tone down the Chad game and go into your geek mode a bit. These girls will be wet as hell thinking that someone with your body could actually bond with them and be kind to them while ravaging their tight little pussy with an 8 incher and choking them tenderly. Even if they fuck other guys after you they will be calling for your name. If you think that classy girls will be turned off by you, you are mistaken. Just get yourself a well tailored suit and act more classy, dialing down the douchebag game, and they will be on. Then take them to your place, take off that suit to reveal hardened, scarred and tatted body of your "mysterious past life" and they will gush right there and then. You were not an incel. You were a Columbian drug cartel member in your youth and did some things you regret and want to get your life on track. Stacy will want to use her love to help you change to the positive side. You will have to LIE, a A LOT. Chad does not care about lying as long as he gets the pus pus. FINALLY: DON'T talk about your transformation! This will be your SECRET! Destroy all your old photos, cut off all your old friends. People won't understand this. New people in your life have to think that you have a shady past riddled with crime, bad choices and extreme conditions. But you have changed now, you want to "get on track" now. You don't want to talk about your past. Think of Renegade. You might actually consider moving to a different country at this point. This might work if you are very short and leg lengthening gets you to only 5'11'' or something. Just move out to Mexico or China. White guys have extreme advantage in Asian countries. You have to be taller than the general male population in your area. You have to be Chad in comparison to them. If you are Asian, do not live in a white country like UK or USA (relatively white, but what the hell). Move back to Asia. You have more chances of being Chad there. Changing country has added benefit of being able to take loans and not pay them back. When people want to ask you about your past, look a bit sulking and say "I don't want to talk about that right now". I also suggest taking up boxing, BJJ or MMA if you have the time. NOTHING IN MODERATION Remember – you, as an incel, DON'T HAVE THE PRIVELEGE to live life in moderation. This whole trip might take you minimum 5 years, maximum about 10. And if you are not prepared to kill your old self and mutate into artifical man-made Chad, please don't whine about the unfairness of the world. Resources I recommend: *Good looking loser site. *Steroid forums. *Bodybuilding forums. *Plastic surgery forums. *Orthothropics. *Blackhat and hacker forums. *Black dragon blog.
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    We age better, we're generally stronger, our dimorphism makes us look more assertive in any context. The problem here is having good development. Puberty is especially crucial for a male but for females, who really cares? Who cares if a girl stays short or her frame doesn't fully develop because she underate or had suboptimal lifestyle factors. Meanwhile if a guy undereats (or overeats and is in an estrogenic state for most of his puberty), they're fucked. They may never realize their genetic potential and that can be fatal to his looks and ultimately his quality of life. Being a female is having life on ez mode in terms of constant validation and dating but for the most part your prime is quite short. Most girls look washed out by the time they're 25. It's also more burdening. Imagine having to wake up and wear tons of makeup (as a lot do) to keep up the pretense of your attractiveness. Men are so clueless as to the sheer amount of makeup that most women use. The idea of "no makeup" means like 10 products, just lol. Needless to say, higher estrogen is what causes the emotional response to any situation and when we process everything largely through emotion, it causes anxiety, fear and concomitant mental illnesses. Emotional processing conduces an emotional result. This is why on forums like myproana you have everyone deluding themselves and lying to each other (basically a huge blue pill) and on forums like the misc, everyone is presenting one brutal fact after another, saying "can you handle this boyos". It's also no surprise that the former forum is largely female and the latter, largely male. Guys can handle the brutality. Most women can't and will break down, threaten suicide, fly into a rage, etc... This is just the product of opposite hormonal profiles. Just lol. On myproana they have like a 40 page thread in the sex and relationships forum (viewable by 50+ post count) talking about how guys love super skinny women, and I've also seen a thread in the thinspiration forum specifically dedicated to guys having their arms around or holding girls. Tons of posts about how they get more attention as thinner women, and posts complaining about chad not liking them. The sex and relationships forum is a true gold mine in that you basically have a girl saying a minor issue, with everyone quick to say "break up with him". It's a great insight into female entitlement and I know guys specifically who joined myproana just to learn more about girls views on sex, without any issues of their own. In spite of these threads and the many like it, "we would NEVER lose weight for men, ew". In reality if you observe what a lot of men are attracted to it's usually really skinny girls, even if they deny it at first. Just go on myfreecams and note that the top cam girls are most definitely underweight. So out of all girls, that's who guys choose to wank off to. Go figure. While I think guys like @finished who have a preference for quite underweight girls are rare, the preferences of most men aren't too far off if they're presented with the stimulus of a pretty, skinny girl. Women seem to have this great aversion to ever admitting that they seek male validation, whereas guys will happily admit that truth with respect to women. In reality the reason why women are predisposed to anorexia and bulimia (disorders that promote weight loss) and men are more predisposed to bigorexia (big and lean mass) is because at it's most rudimentary point, it does fall within the social ideal. It's only when it reaches the extremes (i.e. the two illnesses realized) that it becomes unattractive. And people on myproana will happily use this as a sword, saying that if they wanted to be attractive to men, they wouldn't be "skin and bones" but like I said, refer to my previous comments on men and skinny women. It's also important to note that ironically, most people on myproana are overweight or normal weight. The very underweight users are few and far between. It has become a glorified dieting website and most people know this. I know because I've had a couple of accounts and I've seen it evolve over the years, and I never hid who I was. I was openly male on there.
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    That is because looks don't matter it's just about confidence Girls in particular love assertive men and they'll give him chances all the time Your girlfriend will never look to another guy, no matter what Girls are pretty fair and as long as you're average looking you should be fine Just take steroids because it made zyzz' jaw wide, and girls like wide jaws I think if you just work out and lift heavy weights you should get those broad shoulders that women die for. It's all about hard work, so STOP making excuses and get off your ass and do it
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    Someone asked me a similar but different question a week ago. I am not mentally all there, I most likely have a form of BDD, I have bitterness still inside me from my experiences with lookism throughout my teens, even though I was praised before that (which made my experiences even more brutal). I'll try to recap my development quickly and show you how I arrived at my obsession with my appearance. It's a long read but it's worth it. I was bullied and rejected when I looked certain ways and it could have been owing to things as simple as high bf% or having a low weight. Being anorexic was probably one of the best things that happened to me because it helped me realize a lot about society and women in particular; that looks are the cake and the icing, and personality is the writing on the cake. I do troll a fair bit and make jokes about personality theory, but here is the ultimate truth, given my experiences and consistent observations. BACKSTORY to my negative experiences in spoiler: read if you want to know. University where was I really observed the inherent lookism. High school was where I experienced it. I started university and I was shocked, at everything. The pace was significantly quicker, the consistency of hot women was unbelievable but most importantly the lookism was extremely pronounced in a way that it had never been before. From my feigned internet searches, I somehow ended up on the bodybuilding misc in what were the "glory days". There was some light looks improving information there and I used it all to my advantage. I had been entirely "redpilled" as much as you can on the bodybuilding misc section (which was really, still a bluepill). I went through all of university (I did start very early) seeing looks impose an ever-growing importance. I noticed that now average girls wouldn't even give average guys a chance, they would go straight to the hot. Hot males mingled with the hot females. Social interaction was divided per looks. The ugly STEM students would rot together, and the hot law students would party together. Of course, secretly I knew this. There is nothing "redpilled" (covertly hidden secret) that looks matter. A kid riding the bicycle in the local park will tell you that looks matter. But few will admit that they matter as much as they do, and this will come from especially good looking people who are uncomfortable with attributing their successes to something out of their control, rather than their personality traits. I noticed that almost everyone was a lot more attractive in university and in shape, compared to school. Granted I went to a top university, but it still shocked me how everyone there differed, collectively, from the group of normies you would encounter in the street. Something else I noticed was how much the real world connections were predicated on looks. Anyway I was quite looksmaxxed and for most of the year my body was reasonable as well. I got attention from girls. I know the sequence is starting to dissipate here, but I met my girlfriend shortly after I turned 18, and I couldn't have ever dreamed of getting a girl that good looking, I was really in awe. There was this classmate who was leagues ahead of my friends and I in his intelligence, grades, communication techniques, etc... We were all idiots compared to him, akin to a teacher-student comparison, but there was one major distinction. We were all better looking. We all got internships at top firms, and he struggled to get one at a mid-tier firm. He didn't screw up his interviews and he had experience; something that is incredibly valued in these fields, and we had no experience. I also flunked out my interview on three questions, but one of the middle aged interviewers was laughing and smiling with me. There was a friend of mine who was a total chad, but otherwise quite clueless, and at best a mediocre student. I remember the supervisor of the interview in the lobby cracking jokes with him. She was middle aged, average looking and on the slim side. She told him, "I like your tie" (or suit, rather) (it was a normal tie and suit) while looking at every inch of his body, dry heaving when he opened his mouth. I saw female responses like this to men a lot at university. Almost everyday, especially at the outside areas. Perhaps it happened in school as well and I wasn't focusing on it, but now I was watching. University was a great time, for this realization and my experiences. University was a crucial point for me - not because university is crucial in arriving at this understanding - but because I was in an expansive social setting that allowed me to fully appreciate the utility of looks. Before, I had been going from school, to home, with little social events in between. I had seen countless examples of lookism in my time at university, both on and off campus. It was a daily thing, if you knew what to look for, and you allowed yourself, finally to process it in the light of truth, rather than from a bluepilled perspective; that someone failed because their personality failed. It wasn't until I was 21 years old that I discovered lookism. By then, all of my ideas had been solidified, and lookism helped me connect the science to the looks. I was able to finally see, broken down, what makes a good looking male or female. Of course, this synced with what I already felt and knew, and everything that was swimming in my head was now caught in a net and clearly organized. Our society is unbelievably lookist. Normies get surgeries all the time that don't even improve them; the same people who you would look at and think they put no effort into their appearance. Go look at surgery results. They look bad, before and after. The "redpill" isn't a secret. It's extremely mainstream and people stress over their looks constantly, but many of them are married, older, etc... so don't suffer from lookism like most of the younger guys on these types of forums do. Thus, they don't feel the full weight of its effects, having a long term partner, or being female and getting validation regularly.I live my life by three policies; never trust anyone but immediate family (even girlfriend, wife, etc.. don't trust them with sensitive information or personal/family affairs), focus on maximizing your looks and wealth. Three, your goal should not be able to get women, but also reject a lot of women, not out of bitterness but out of awareness of your worth. If you're a 5, don't settle for less, even if you mus bridge the gap of hypergamy through money or status. Hypergamy is entirely male-facilitated. Females are like dogs (not saying they are dogs) that were led to the bone and males were the dog's owner, holding the bone and luring them to something that they are inclined to chase with blinkered devotion. And they did, instinctively. Without the male, there would be no bone, and there would be no hypergamy. Overvaluing male or female worth is dangerous in any sense. Neither gender is superior; we are superior in different ways and are designated different roles in society. When these roles began to overlap, problems began to develop. Before the explosion in internet dating, you could meet a girl in real life without the paranoia about whether she's chatting to 10 other guys on her phone from tinder, or wondering if she's had sex with 50 guys. Women have never changed and such a view is ignorant. Sex just became extremely accessible, and in the process males lost their standards, or never had any. This, tied with the proliferation of feminism which has made women lose any sense of decency, brewed the storm that we see in a lot of females today and the true matriarchy that has began to set in and will continue to fester with time. Guys are okay with having sex with a facially ugly female. Women want a masculine man; facial structure that is evidently testosterionic, decent height at least, a decent frame, evidence of youthful cues. While men might want the reverse of that in women, it's not exclusively sought. Women are exclusionary because we've given them the circumstances and capabilities to be such, which has dangerously coincided with their predisposition to be (exclusionarily) attracted to high quality men. The one thing you will own in this world is your L/M/S. When your girlfriend leaves you, when your friend back stabs you, you will still be good looking, or be rich, or have good status. It's important to focus on yourself for the short time we're on here so we can live somewhat pleasant lives on our terms, until we're done, and that's it. Keep your stress low, bad people out of your life, have minimal friends, don't exaggerate the worth of females or sex; you are your own best friend because you will never turn on yourself. Don't over-complicate life. Understand it but don't stress over it. We were born in a bad time. Sex isn't life-changing. I've done it all. If you're mentally ill, you'll still be ill. It's not good to have the viewpoints that are expressed in this reply because it can instill hopelessness in you, but try to let it stimulate some drive to improve.
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    Here's the quantum blackpill on life. Read it. It will be long but worth it. For a brief time on this earth we live, after millions of years of not existing. Subsequently, we drift back into inexistence. It stands to reason that if you conceptaulize yourself as occupying a distinguishable, indefinable space in the universe (for argumentative reasons), most of our time in this universe is sent in a void; a state of not existing. It is the before and after of our lives. The blackpills here are irrelevant. The tinder experiments are irrelevant. Everything posted on any forum, anything we get angry over or laugh about, boils down to an ability to process information that humans have, as well as the ability to reason. The ability to process stimuli and reason; these are important predicates of the human experience. I am young, good looking, with solid status, and I still get rejected by girls on cold approaches. I do. Emotional disaffiliation is the most important tool that a human can have in this world. It is by far the superior instrument. You need to be cold, unaffected and realize the brutal insignificance of your existence and that of the entire human species. That's not to say that we should wish upon our extinction, but you should live life with this foreknowledge to alleviate yourself of actual anxiety and stress (the difference from pseudo being that actual can lead to legitimate breakdowns, suicide; pseudo fuels you). Men, so what if some whore rejected you? Yeah, that's right; degrade her in your mind to reduce her influence on your thoughts and self-worth. Girls, who cares if a fuck boy rejected you? Again, reduce the influence of any negative opinion, or else it will consume you. And that's dangerous. That's also not to say that you should give up and confine yourself into a room, because life is pointless, and we're all going to die anyway. Operate with the relaxation that nothing matters in the end, which will give you the focus that is required to excel in things that matter to you, and that bring you happiness. If you're such a sexual monster who can't deal with not having a prime goddess in your arms at right this moment, go masturbate right now and tell me if your desires are still as strong, at least for a brief time after that. Your perspective is clouded by lust, and delusions that isolate the positives of one situation, to the exclusion of its entire list of disadvantages. There is no endless high. Everything reaches a threshold in your D2 receptors and the high becomes a normal. You will always be a sad, depressed person if that's what you started off as and you don't want to change your core, but follow an erroneously defined route to fix problems that don't even exist and are entirely separate from your real problems. You need to be able to take a step back and laugh at everything. These are the traits of a self-aware, strong human, not one who has delusions that he will live forever. The human body is finite. You will die and be forgotten. You could die tomorrow in a car accident. You could be the longest person to live on this earth and die in over a century from now. If you don't focus on yourself, if you focus on an ever-evading mystical "one day"; a statement of complacency that you've used to your detriment for the last decade, then it stands to reason that you wasted what could have been an existence full of emotional freedom, and doing things that you like doing, whether you're short, tall, ugly, hot, or whatever you have classified your horrible injustice as. If you're bald, get a hair piece or a wig. If you're fat, lose weight. If you believe you face to be the product of a devilish super being who to this day sits beyond the metaphysical dimensions of the universe, delighting in the misfortune that he's caused upon you; if you have the narcissism to inflate your self-worth to this level of ridiculousness, then you need to look the rest of the world. You cannot unhesitatingly, reasonably believe in the face of the horror that is occurring in the rest of the world that would make your hell look like nirvana, that you are somehow targeted because your philtrum length isn't ideal, or because someone laughed at your premature balding. It is horrifically ridiculous in every sense of the phrase. Life is about being the best person you can be, not being the best person. In some parts, you might have to settle for being below average. Are you getting slaughtered in a war torn country? Do you not have access to clean water? Are you so tortured that you're typing on looksmax or hairlosstalk from your laptop that has fast internet connection, under a roof, with food and drink in your house, but the fact that no pretty girl has shown interest in you is so earth shattering that it warrants ending your life? What's more dignifying, in the case of the linked thread; is it the guy getting hair piece and living his life, or is it killing himself? The answer is obvious. The problem is not human consciousness. The problem is the inner workings of that consciousness, and the process doesn't have to be so perverted. It's the false castles of delusions and self-importance that we build. Those who end up killing themselves, can be said, unequivocally and irrefutably to have considered themselves incredibly important people. They're not narcissistic, but they had a false vision that they were something more than they are. They had standards that they failed to meet; which led to their pain exceeding their coping resources, hence suicide. They had those standards because they believed that if they didn't achieve them, a terrible fate would come to them. They wanted to be accomplished and couldn't see themselves as anything other than excellent, so they weren't prepared for varying degrees of success (or definitive failure) There is no fate harsher than the finality of death. Live out your life. Yeah, nobody can take your happiness. Nobody can take away good food, good drinks, nice movies, good music, nice games from you. There is no cope. What you do not realize is that you crave something that you don't have, and can't get in spite of your persistence (or perceived persistence); it's a human instinct to want it more, and in desiring it more, you have delusions of its absolutely transformative power. Let's hypothesize that your body didn't have the ability to listen to music. And you saw all these people everyday listening to music and enjoying their time. Let's say you are also currently lacking women in your life because of your looks. If you had women, but you didn't have music, you would justify your depression, assert your suffering and further your suicidal ideation based on the absence of the music. In that case, girls will be your cope. Girls will be normal to you, like masturbating is. It was exciting when your sexuality was developing and you discovered this endless database of hot women on the internet (for example), but you're relatively insensitive to it now. It is the same concept. The problem is you. It's not external. It's internal. It's not because you're lacking something. You'll always find something that you're lacking, if not outright invent it, through a sophisticated web of lies and manipulation that, when your mental illness becomes so ingrained and at its height when you cannot be any lower, deceives even you. It's because of your mind. It's because of your conditioning. You need to understand this and you can live a liberated, freer life, uninhibited by delusions. You can sit back and laugh at all of this silliness that goes on here, in real life, and everywhere, when you realize how easily human emotion is manipulated that it allows people to reach points that are entirely unjustified.
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    currently in dubai, just came from bangkok and sydney i can literally count on one hand the amount of guys ive seen who were actually good looking. The vast majority are absolutely fucking subhuman, like this roided up dude with a fat gut, acne on his HEAD and a literally flat face and disgusting pig nose. His kid couldve only been 10 at the most, and he already had MPB - NO JOKE. replete with the "fitness crazy but still looks chunky" wife who looked about 60 years old with the tan booth pork crackling skin, bleached hair that was thinning badly made up into some approximation of a "young outgoing person" hairstyle wiht little piggytails all over the head, and garish pink and black skintight garments. The friend of the wife was one of those horrible ~LYFTER~ gurls with the kind of voice where you wonder if she's tucking a fucking 8 inch monster between her legs and the dead-on-the-inside look in the eyes Also i always though frame was overblown as meme (I generally tend to view frame as proportional to height.... taller humans will generally - but not always - have larger frames by necessity) until i saw a poo in the street guy who was about 6'2 but had the frame of a 12 year old girl, and a pea-head. If i had been on trenbolone I wouldve crushed his head with a hammer
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    looks don't matter, how many times do we need to say it? Remember that surgeries never make a substantial difference This is because girls just care about personality and like bad boy types You're either born with it or you're not Personality and game is the most important concern here This is because anyone, even professionals, won't ever make judgments on someones appearances Just write long messages to your matches to appeal more to them. Maybe you said something creepy on the message? Maybe you should just accept yourself. This is because it all comes down to how you present yourself http://s1.zetaboards.com/L_Anon/topic/5852934/1/ As a male, you have the advantage and can afford to try less Height also doesn't matter. For males, however, it's easier. So you should relax Everyone is mainly a virgin anyway Frame also doesn't matter The girls would choose the right guy because he has a better personality and he majored in computer science Skull size is bullshit as well. REMEMBER JUST BE CONFIDENT
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    Zyzz: 2. fuckeverythingnow 3. @"Finished" Roids are the number 1 way to ascension boyos
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    [video=youtube] @"guccimane69" @"Übermensch"
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    The problem stems from the deeper idea that women are absolutely more attracted to each other, more than just about every other man. It's a spectrum. It doesn't mean that they don't find men attractive, but not as much as a woman (or at least regarding most men, absenting top tier males). Women have become quite uninhibited about their sexuality due to feminism, the commercialization of sex which has aided in its normalization, and it's otherwise social normalizing. This is only slightly relevant, if relevant at all, but an important foreground. Men don't have genital wear down due to lots of sex. Your cock, under most circumstances, doesn't become smaller, dead or less functional in any way due to having sex. Sex is inextricably linked to procreation, and women have the downtime of pregnancy. Men have no downtime. Men used to have multiple wives in history. There's a reason for this. Men are designed to have sex as much as possible from an evolutionary standpoint, and women are designed to be coveted. Women were long reserved for the social elite (which is primarily what mattered for men; not looks), partly because of their prettiness, but also out of the necessity for their proper oversight, because an attractive woman is the height of manipulation and power. Women have vaginal loosening with more sex (get with the times, our great friend Emily Ratajowski and celebrities like her get labiaplasties hence the appearance of tightness after years of nonstop sex). Of course it's all a myth according to every woman out there who has had 50 sexual partners. Just look at some of the pornstars, and many haven't had children, and see the well endowed men who seem like they're entering caves. It's just ageing, brah. And she's 21. Women know that it's not biologically desired. They'll lie about their lay count while men don't feel a need to lie about theirs and it's rarely, if ever impactful unless you're extremely attractive and it heightens her insecurities about staying with you. If you look to women who sleep around, you will find that they tend to be extreme feminists, while hypocritically expressing an identically severe repugnance towards male feminists, because even they doubt the validity of their own cause but it's instrumental for their case. They'll constantly star in the oversexualized victim role, accuse all of her boyfriends of abusing her even if they never existed, while having their boobs and ass in full central view, as they say you're wrong for considering her anything but a sexually liberated person. After a while it becomes difficult to distinguish the legitimate from the illegitimate; a true boy who cried wolf recreation. If an incel says this, the more persuasive or crushing response is that he's bitter because he can't get women. If a normie says this, he's bitter about his impending divorce. if a chad says this, there is hardly a response. And the most effective way to gauge the validity of any argument is to observe the change in its nature to different people, for it demonstrates bias, and a fundamentally shaky, wildly varying argument. If the nature of your argument changes depending on the person in front of you, then you're a rhetorical master and your career should be in politics, rather than masquerading as a legitimate advocate with strong convictions. You're someone making excuses, and not everyone will be manipulated. It's also prudent to note that women who have sex the most are generally quite troubled by it themselves, because it indicates undesirability. Straight men don't understand this, due to generally lacking the experience of on-demand sex. Women know that men will want to fuck them within a very broad scope of looks; fat, skinny, ugly, hot, short, tall and the disparities go on and on. Willingly resigning to this is a sign of "giving up", almost like a straight man going on grindr, and suspend the logical fallacy, turning gay because it's easier to get men. In the end, the sex industry was never meant for men, simply because it lacks demand. From the male perspective, there are very few men which fuel the little success that men have on there. And for females, they already experience the real thing quite easily, as frequently as they want to. I don't doubt that there are non-incel men on those websites, but it's their downtime, in between having sex, assuming a model where men fluctuate within a stably moderate sex drive without extremes on either side. It's like a stock with slow but consistent returns. Women have a more extreme range of fluctuation, but their reality negates the need to come on sites like these. The final purplepill is that you should aim to get a girlfriend who is young and/or as low lay count as possible, and settle down early, if you want a healthy long-term relationship with a mentally stable woman. Secondly, you can have a string of long term relationships, but be careful not to get too emotionally invested. Instead of the previous two, you can forget this entirely and jump from girl to girl in an exercise of endless futility, which we're all capable of, ugly or not, if you lower your standards enough.
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    Of course he does. No woman in this universe, without makeup or enhancements, has ever come close to the true, natural beauty of a man. She is good wife material, though. You don't want your wife to be on your looks level when you're a top male model and generally you don't want your wife to be too pretty. She is already too hot for wife material IMO.
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    just rep me to until i reach increments of 5's lol so ending number should be 0 or 5
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    Girls generally will look at a guy's height and kind of disagree/agree with what it is, placing varying degrees of importance on it dependinng on the girl. Usually ofc with overwhelming preference for taller guys. But what girls REALLY notice, with intense biological instinct, is body. I can't tell you how many girls have said in front of my EYES, "his shoulders are so narrow", "his hips are wider than mine, ew", "he has a really feminine body type". YES they do say this stuff. They mock male looks all the time. You just have to be close to them and/or good looking and they'll give you an insight into their entire perspective. All of that high estrogen during puberty that feminized your body type is REPULSIVE to women. Their vajvaj becomes as dry as the Sahara desert looking at these This guy roids, is on a strict diet and works out rigorously meanwhile 150lb college white dude with ideal body structure slays more in 2 months than he does in his life Then, the brutal frame pill. "ohh but vitriol hurr dur it's photoshopped" No it's not! Redpill: roiding POST PUBERTY wont fix your frame. Meanwhile turbo chad body and frame It's over Puberty is the most crucial time in a man's life. Taking roids during puberty is probably one of the greatest ascensions out there. It's impossible to have a small frame taking high doses of androgens in your developing years. "but muh dangers"
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    is looking perpetually like a teenager/young and being undimorphic as heck justin bieber is good example, who would be invisible without money/status pic from yesterday ER Notice how the guy on the left looks more feminine and softer? > undimorphic Low T especially during puberty is fucking death Stop looking for the "pretty" in guys. This is a mistake that a lot of psl'ers make invariably. It's mainly about masculinity, strong jaw/brow development etc. Women are submissive by nature. They find ONLY dominant men attractive. Would you be attracted to a girl who looks like a male and has wide shoulders like a male? Same thing boyos Egg man > no dimorphism > Reminder, we have a user here who looks like eggman http://looksmax.net/Thread-I-trust-y-all-to-be-honest-TBH HOLY FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK! she's literally his female equivalent with a slightly better eye area and a worse nose YOU cannot fucking lose as a female lack of dimorphism in a man = death low t puberty = death
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    After a thorough discussion with @"Vitriol" we have decided to permanently ban these two users, particularly in the wake of the information that @"Finished" (who is presumably pinkunicorn's alt) is running some kind of online scam. We will not have people who are tied to illegal activities and who already have a suspicious, questionable presence on this forum, remain on here. Further solidifying this decision is the fact that the dating profile containing the image that finished once asserted to be himself, checks out as a 21 year old gay man, which is not far from the description proffered by finished. Whether or not it is in fact him in the photo, or whether it is a catfish, he is decidedly too dangerous to remain here. It appears that he has stolen someones identity and has been using it to conduct numerous scams and that is enough for me to deem that he has no place here, in the interest of everyone's safety. I will go through and lock the threads pertaining to this topic and if we can keep the discussions about these two users out of the public forum, that would be highly appreciated.
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    Blue eyes (or lighter) are generally considered attractive because you can see the pupils and there is more variation. Also, they bring more color to the face. More color is generally an indicator of health. Going to quote some random article for support now. "The blonde hair and blue eye combination found in Caucasians is thought to have evolved among northern European tribes around 11,000 years ago. For tribes who were venturing ever further north with the retreating ice sheets, being blonde would have bestowed an evolutionary advantage. The loss of pigmentation in the skin allows deeper penetration of ultraviolet light needed to synthesise vitamins which were essential for good health. So blondes were more likely to be healthier and live longer. Some archaeologists suggest that it was a time of great rivalry when men were often killed and women had to compete fiercely for partners. It is thought that Palaeolithic hunters chose blondes because they stood out from their rivals and were more likely to be healthy. Many women who are blonde go darker as they age, so blonde hair is also viewed as an indicator of youth, and sexual vitality. And, intriguingly, Caucasian blondes usually have slightly higher oestrogen levels than brunettes and are likely to exhibit finer infantile facial features such as a smaller nose, smaller jaw, pointed chin, narrow shoulders, smooth skin and less body hair." This article focuses mainly on hair color but blonde hair is more often than not accompanied with lighter eyes, usually blue. Basically, less pigmentation and varied coloring means people stand out more, give off the impression of being healthier (regardless of whether or not this is actually true) and also younger. Lighter eyes being especially rare in ethnic people increases their appeal and can bring a lot of positive attention to the way a person looks. This being said, it is not the only determining factor. There are obviously people with fascinating eye colors but not so ideal eye shapes or suboptimal faces in general. If a person is good looking, beyond a certain point, the eye color only adds a halo. If one doesn't naturally have light eyes, getting surgery is a bad idea. Too much time, effort and money for something that doesn't look natural and looks unattractive even. You can tell the difference and it isn't a good look to have. Even people who wear colored contacts give off a fake vibe. Unless it really bothers you and you can find a way to obtain a natural looking eye color, it is useless.
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    symmetry might be the most overrated facet of facial beauty ever. In fact the amazing thing is researchers are still trying to focus on it even when their own experiments have shown time and time again that digitally altering a face to have perfect symmetry does not make it better looking and often results a very unsettling uncanny valley effect. Honestly faces work as a whole, and I think you would be hard pressed to find many people who wouldn't think Franco is good looking even if he wasnt an actor. Hes not an elite supermodel, but he's certainly way above the average person. As always real world compliance > PSL theorizing
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    Lookism is obviously very real and women are most guilty of it. Men can be attracted to girls for no reason other than the fact that they are female. I think men are fine with fucking an average girl. I have some of the most perverted fantasies about a 3-4/10 at my work. Women on the other hand have extremely refined tastes. @"Finished": that dopamine you release in your brain when you see your precious anorexic supermodels in the street, girls only feel that with really top tier males and they are stagnant in the face of most males. But how is it, then, that most men are able to get girlfriends, if most men are ugly? We don't live in an age where all the men are single, with the chads being bombarded with requests for polygamous marriage. So what happens is that most men who settle are just providers. Their wives aren't really attracted to them. Their wives have probably gained 20kg since getting married and now their husbands aren't really attracted either. Most marriages have issues. Marriage isn't a sex oasis, sex heaven. Women start cheating. Shit happens. But that's beside the point; the way they got married was by virtue of the guy being a beta provider. In 2017 or more accurately in the last few years, it seems that we've had a dramatic shift in the dating scene. Every girl is sugaring these days. Sign up for seekingarrangement.com posing as a sugar daddy (don't fill in your profile) and look at all the girls from your area. I knew pretty much every girl in my area, even ones who acted completely sex repulsed, went to church 5 times a week and had parents from strict religious backgrounds, offering sex and all for money. No ifs or buts. No he said, she said. It's right there for the entire world to see. Women know that men don't like to hear big numbers, so it follows that they understate their number to men. Literally the only way for a girl to have a low lay count is to either be in a small town and out of reach of many men, or be absolutely deformed and hideously obese. Girls who are 3/10 have had more sex than you ever will in your life, by age 20. Have you ever looked through a girl's phone? Do you know how many guys are messaging her? Do you know how many guys she ignores? Do you know how many guys are offering her money to do the simplest shit, even just send photos? So when a prime woman complains about not having sex for three months (i.e. not being able to get a GL man), it's absolutely a long time. Of course it is. 3 months without sex and you're a pretty female, that's the equivalent of 100 years in male years without sex. This is how I see it. I think sex with women is great but it's really just about the feeling of being desired. Believe me I can perfectly get off by myself, and I don't even need porn. To me anyway, the social implications of looks matters much more than any girl, any girl whatsoever, letting me do whatever I want to her sexually. Being good looking and all it's byproducts, having a strong jaw, strong square chin, a youthful hairline, a strong eye area, etc, is all about asserting dominance wherever you go. Even Zuckerberg got a bunch of sarcastic comments from males and females when he posted that photo of him standing next to the tall basketball players. The comments went along the lines of something like this: "you're such a short man, b-b-b-BUT you've accomplished a lot!". Really, even if you have billions to your name, people are still going to talk about your looks and try to undermine your achievements. It's a brutal world. The reason why most men are ugly is because being ugly has a wide scope of applicability when it comes to males and a rather narrow scope when it comes to females. Females can be 99% of heights, measurements, etc and still be considered attractive; i.e. enough to get a million lay counts by age 20 just by going through some college. Men will still open doors for them, provide for them, etc. This is 99% of women. With men however you have a very large bank, virtually 80-85% of men who cannot get the most attractive women, whereas the least attractive women can get the top 15% of men. It's a serious imbalance but it will never be fixed because men will be men, and men will respond to their hormonal profiles, that tells them that a 3/10 is perfect sex material. Likewise, women will be women and only be aroused at the site of a hyper developed, hyper testosteronic 8/10 man. This is just the nature of the world we live in.
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    yes ive done it before its why i roll my eyes about sources saying they are legitimate pharmaceutical labs and have a "team" of specalists..... fucking LOL, every single one of these sources is doing the same thing: its like one or two cunts ordering powder from china to their shitty little apartment and then cooking up in their kitchen using regular appliances. I'm not exaggerating when i say a monkey could probably be trained to cook steroids, it is that easy. There is probably 3 sources in the entirerty of the steroid game that actually have legitimate pharamceutical production facilities and make steroids from scratch. That kind of money and clandestine development only comes from major organized crime. The rest of the game is gearheads brewing up to make rent payments. the only difference between your average source and your good source is the good source usually has some organized crime involvement and work hard on the logistics. Otherwise its all coming from china, WADA or one of those alphabet soup doping hunt orgs said that they estimated something like 95% of PEDs were originally sourced from china, with the other 5% being stolen pharmaceutical goods or otherwise sold internationally without prescription. Now, on dealing with the chinese: the chinese are the most unscrupulous fucking people you will ever deal with. Do not trust a chink, ever. Half of these chinese sources pretending to be legitimate API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) manufacturing plants are in fact faggots just running an online business out of their shitty little studio apartments in chinese ant hives. Always third party test before you start investing huge amounts of money, and get regular third party testing on every other batch if you decide to go this route, because they will scam you as soon as business becomes inconvenient for them or it starts costing them $1.15 instead of $1.10
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    Guess we won't ever be friends then.
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    "My issues stem from how much I overthink everything" - I can relate to this, but maybe in a different way than you. With me overthinking gets in the way of feeling pure happiness. When I'm supposed to be happy (spending time with a guy I like, mainly, which rarely happens) I feel relatively happy. But I keep thinking "I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT??!! I SHOULD BE FEELING HAPPY. THIS IS HAPPINESS! APPRECIATE IT!!" and then I get stressed out with my need to live in the moment and appreciate it. I start worrying whether I feel happy enough. Why don't I feel happier than I do right now? etc etc. Maybe most people really are faking their enjoyment of things. God, I sure hope so. I'm obsessed with my image as well. Ironically, that makes me look weird and shallow, even kind of stiff -- brittle. It's not the trend nowadays. Now you're supposed to be easy breezy beautiful: no makeup on, just rolled out of bed and yet still beautiful, BUBBLY, drinking hot coffee and magically never staining your teeth. Being EFFORTLESS. Obsession with your image leads to the complete opposite effect. Are those perfect people (not perfect solely on social media, but people we see in person who always have their whole lives together) aware of their image? Or do they not care, and that's what gives them this effortless beauty? I'll never know. Because I'll always be hyper-aware of my image. Thanks, social anxiety! By the way - people should never judge you for moments when you're quiet. It just means you're thinking. The people who judge me for being quiet tend to be loudmouthed empty-brained idiots who always need to be blabbing.
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    No, that really is the difference between 5'11" and 6'
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    Dear Amincel, In the almost four months I've gotten to know you, I have seen nothing but the degeneration of an already tragic character. Your main contention is that if you don't look like O'Pry, life isn't worth living. Stay inside, rot long enough in isolation, and hate girls for not having superpowers for knowing of your existence, because they have a sixth sense for Chad. So go and kill yourself because a harem of women didn't break down your door, find you and beg for sex. These are basically the directions of your replies. You believe that if you are under PSL 8, that you cannot get a girlfriend or a girl to look in your direction. It's true delusion stemming from limited life experience and the presentation of harsh content to someone who is ultimately a young teenager. You are sixteen. You have the world by the tail. And the fact stands that you know nothing, you just don't. You haven't bothered to talk to one woman in real life. And well, you're still really young. I'm a fair bit older than you and I still don't know much. 12 is different from 14, 14 is different to 16, 16 is different to 20. 20 is different from 25 and 25 is different from 35. You see how the pattern goes? Your rate of maturity peaks when you'e young - you can't stay at the same mental place for too long because things are changing very quickly. As you get in your late 20s, you will still make mistakes that you will laugh at when you are in your late 30s, but not necessarily your early 30s. When presented with a guy who is uglier than you having sex, what's your response? "He must pay her off with a suitcase of cash". "He's this or that" (this or that being whatever you're not even if it's trivial). You'll find anyway to hide the elephant in the room. It's you. You're the problem. Your serial killer presence, your inability to talk to women, the anxiety drawn on your face when you do because your mind goes back to what a basement dweller said on an internet forum. I agree, given all of these factors, perhaps the only thing that would redeem such an off-putting personality is 10/10 looks. They told you to lose fat in the discord. "Well fat loss doesn't make a difference to aesthetics". Despite the countless examples shown to you, "he would have slayed the same before". Well if that's true, why are you incel? The real question is how does one get to a point in their life when they classify themselves incel at 16? A 16 year old who is spending the prime of his life reading the toxic thoughts of mainly older men on *real* incel forums who have worldviews and motivations that disgust even me. Somehow you've arbitrarily put yourself on the same playing field (and delusion) as them. I've seen all types of people sign up on this forum. Most weren't virgins, but of those that were, it was arbitrary on looks. Most were just as good looking as the non-virgin users, some were a tiny bit worse and some were even better. Your personality fucking matters. It's not everything but it's something. Most people are dating their approximate looksmatch. You're getting guidance from the wrong people. It's like going to a lawyer to get heart surgery, all while complaining about the high chances of death. It never occurs you to go to the surgeon instead, because you believe that you're different, deserving of draconian treatment, and that chad would survive performing surgery on himself so in any case your life is unfair. You put yourself in positions to entitle yourself to complain about something. It's textbook victim mentality. Your victim mentality is perhaps equal to our friends over at that pro anorexia website. Spend less time on the internet, actually talk to girls and remove yourself from the toxic mindset.
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    I performed a three card tarot draw for your future child's impact just about an hour ago with my girlfriend assisting(being serious). Picture of the draw 6 of Pentacles[/b] How it will impact you personally - Page of Swords The family's future with the new child - The Emperor The 6 of Pentacles Three hands work in unity to balance the scales. The left hand touches the scale to ensure that each platform is stable before anything is placed into either container. The right hand is cupped to catch anything that may fall. The middle hand holds the chain scale so that all remains in alignment. The background is full of lush plants and greenery. The hands denote corporation and hard work. The scale reminds of us of the delicate balance of materials and life. There is a white chain linked bracelet in the middle suggesting a higher status guide. The Page of Swords stands on a cloudy balcony. His face shows determination and a spark of mischievousness. Sword in hand, he stands ready to challenge any who approach. Seven butterflies flock around his head. The way the Page holds his sword indicates that he is yet unskilled, and wants to see what he is capable of. The butterfiles represent his intellect. His dark mail indicates that he is ready for battle, despite his inexperience. The swirls on his clothing reveal that he is full of new ideas and cannot wait to put them in motion. The Emperor provides rules and boundaries for his world. He turns his sight from the outside world to what is occuring among the inhabitants of his own home. He has the rams horns of Ares god of war and violence on his throne. The golden orb suggests great wealth that has accumulated over his rule. His septor is crowned with the ankh, which is the symbol of eternal life.
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    internet = neurotic Too skinny, too muscular, too shredded, too fat, too short, too tall, too small, too big, you need to be nicer, no wait you need to be antisocial, no wait you need to be perfectly balanced at all times, revealing your insecurities is strength, no wait showing you insecurities is weakness, hair loss is death wait how is this bald fucker getting laid, what the fuck am i ugly but i had a gf before so i cant be that ugly oh fuck, maybe its my teeth? maybe i need to take steroids, but these girls say they dont like muscular guys oh fuck, it has to be money but this broke guy has gotten laid way more than, is it my race maybe women really do love the bbc and im just a white cuck but wait ive never actually seen a white girl dating a black gu, its gotta be height oh but my friend philip is 6'7 and hes a virgin, maybe i need to take salsa classes, maybe i need to join crossfit women love sporty guys right oh fuck
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    Minoxidil works for sure. I also have a hunch I now know why it causes some guys to age a ton, and not others, but I'm not getting into that now. It has sides, and there is risk. But it works 100%. On to alternatives: Adenosine, Rosemary oil, Peppermint Oil All three of these have been tested against 2% minoxodil for head hair, and have been shown to be equally effective. Now do they cause facial hair growth? I don't think enough people have tested yet. Castor oil: Some people say this works, but most people say it doesn't. Some people also say it can work for eyebrows and eyelashes as well. It probably does work for some people, but not most. I would try it after the others that have actual studies behind them. Or you could try both at once. Castor oil can also lead to cystic acne.
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    http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1364661305003207 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/art...3805000188 Women who have more exposure to pre-natal testosterone are more promiscuous and pair bond poorly. While not enough testosterone to transform the fetus into a male, it becomes enough to give the female more stereotypically male sexual behaviour. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://rsbl.royalsocietypublishing.org/c...2/20140977 Nearly half of women are wired to be promiscuous. They have been exposed to more testosterone in utero than their non promiscuous counterparts, but not enough to become male. These girls are your typical sluts. What we also see though is that environment has a large effect on female sexuality towards unrestricted sexual behaviour. This can partly explain while historically non-slutty girls can become slutty in the presence of slut positive cultures like college. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article...ne.0014162 Dopamine receptor D4 plays a large role in promiscuity also. In fact more so than even 2D4D ratio, DRD4 with the 7R+ mutation can almost guarantee infidelity and high frequency of uncommitted sex. This mutation correlates tightly with high reward seeking behaviours as dopamine is responsible for all reward mechanisms including sex. If she partakes in a lot of high dopamine release activities like partying, drugs, excess alcohol, etc. then you most certainly have a slut on your hands. Since this a permanent mutation, you will also never turn the slutty party girl in to a calm and faithful wife and mother so do not ever try and LTR these girls if that's what you seek. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Completely agree, Vitriol... honestly, I think these days the suicidal people are the sane ones. Why would you want to live in a world like this? Everyone is so stupid, and irrational and hedonistic (myself included) – the Internet has made this worse. Easily influenced. Exploited. The Internet has made things worse, not better. Life is about making the most out of things, right? Happiness, no matter what your material conditions. Happiness, no matter what happens with you. After all: "you can't control what happens to you, but you can control how you deal with it". It's just hard, you know? People like us should be happy, and grateful and content. We live in first-world countries, we have roofs over our head... but we're not. It's hard because, as you say, everything is is so inter-connected and complicated these days. It's hard not to be depressed when everyone else, on social media at least, seems so happy. When you're bombarded with images of perfect men and women, unachievable to most anyway, but then photoshopped further to "perfection", so that it is truly unachievable. Everyone's so greedy and individualistic now... the breakdown of a collective sense of morality that religion gave us? I'm not religious, I'm an agnostic, but as somebody else said... you can't but help NOT envy the order we had in the pre-Internet age, highly religious societies in the West. Sure, there's no freedom in a theocracy, but there's order and a collective sense of morality and purpose. I'm going off track now, not sure what I'm even trying to say anymore, so I'll finish on this: it's hard to argue that, these days, the suicidal ones, the depressed people who want to disappear completely, the teenagers who disconnect from life completely and retreat into themselves and their bedrooms? It's hard to argue that they're the mentally ill ones. Who would want to live in a world such as this, as it is currently? It's awful, we're awful. Humans need to fucking die (myself included, lol).
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    @vitriol why must you always take the bait? @temporal-being Your analyses would be valid contingent on their rough basis in reality. Per the rating framework on this forum, which I have only recently become familiar with, if there is someone who is around a 7, one would be within the range of acceptability to rate him a 6 or an 8. But one would be unreasonable to rate this person a 2. Your hindrance is (primarily) not that you are harsh, but your life experiences - whatever they happen to me - propels your utter hatred. I was referred to a post of yours by a member (who hasn't posted in this thread - at least so far) where you hateful even about critiquing someone's meal. I refer you to the following extract: Leave it up to a woman to make a mockery out of the act of eating, nutrition or health. Everything to the womans mind is a game. She sees only what is near at hand, she is stuck and clings only to the present moment. She does not care for the glycemic spike in your blood, or the inflammation caused by this spike in blood sugar levels, she does not care for the empty calories... To add further to this injury, where is the art in this craft? The act of bakery just like any other craft that a man would partake in; is a means of expression for ones individuality or creativity. Everything that a man does is a reflection of his inner landscape, of his inner world, his psyche, his character. Here you present us with this barren dish that is void of a single ounce of creativity, character or zest. When viewing this "dish", one cannot help but feel helpless, almost as if being stranded on some inhospitable barren desert where nothing grows, everything wilts and dies. What is this? You wished to rob that user of her happy moment. You were being serious and you know it. I am not sure of a myriad of factors as it relates to you, but what I am sure of is that the people who have posted in this thread are living fulfilled lives, even if they don't enjoy aspects of it. They have an inner sense of comfort that you, regrettably, do not have. I have two children of my own and presented with that fact, you will try to cook up any thesis - about anything at all - stating that I've given in to my godforsaken urges and that I am just an unintelligent little animal, while, in the superiority of your computer chair that you never leave, in your isolated home, in your life that is self-admittedly lacking in any substantial human interaction, you are better than me and everyone else. Perhaps I have finally understood that the word "cope" really entails. It is with welcome to provide a 'true' opinion, but being decidedly and distinctly alone in this opinion and diverting from basic reasonableness are not qualities of the truth. I don't have a bias to @"Satan", @"Hairstrogen" or even @"Vitriol". In fact, vit and I have clashed as it relates to certain members. It has been said a frustrating number of times that this is not a forum for involuntary celibates. If you wish to find such a forum, I believe you will know where to go. Saying to someone that he's weak for having sex is (to any reasonable person) a concept from these incel communities (or capable of being from them). It is not my place to call you a failure, but it is my place to ensure that you don't distort the atmosphere of the forum. I will be giving you a 1 week posting ban and your posts will be moderated from then on. Posts that subtlety aim to make someone feel bad, with a prime example being the food post (and there are many more examples) will not be construed, even by off-chance, as the litanies of an "autistic poet". I believe you know exactly what you are doing and you have done it with impunity. Any single user here can influence the nature of the forum because it is small and I have no doubt that you have influenced it, and quite negatively if that weren't obvious. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on who you are, this is not incels.me. You have a perfect community that caters for your needs over there.
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    Don't worry about LL, just lose both your legs below the knee and get extremely long prosthetics. http://ww1.prweb.com/prfiles/2016/04/25/13367052/Hugh%20Herr%202.jpg[/img] The dudes a fucking giant with those dam things.
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    Crazy Doc is most definitely a female but she most likely has no professional job, has never worked, etc. She is very pseudo-intellectual, someone who tries to sound smart like they read a book titled "how to sound smart" and followed it to a T. It's unlikely that a male would exclusively pursue men, but sure it could be a stage for a grand deception. She was anxious over her weight in just the way a female would be and not in a cheesy, textbook way that someone is trying to make realistic. Starvation combined with pre-existing mental issues and personality disorders will absolutely potentiate them, so it's not hard to imagine why she reached a state of pure delusion and obsession as it related to me. It could be a guy who studied all of this, but that would be a troll of tremendous, mind-blowing size and scale, for an indefinable reward. What's the reward? If a guy wants to creep on women, he can do it with a lot less effort. A guy can get what he wants with an hour of effort, compared to this multifaceted, sophisticated orchestration that spans years and thousands of posts. You could tell that she was older as well because she used old folk talk. I think she is what she says, but she has a severe mental illness. I have no other way of plausibly explaining her terrific hatred for someone that she doesn't even know. Consider someone like Anne. She would say a few things to cover up the corruption, which is expected, but she's not the type of person who is capable of executing grand manipulation of many users at once. It's not that she's "too dumb", she just doesn't have that extreme narcissism about her, notwithstanding her otherwise crossing or suspicious behavior. CD on the other hand, is motivated by many personality disorders, probably misandry and whatever other mental condition is at play, and she's a heck of a manipulator. She knows exactly her target audience, and it's no surprise that someone like Cyborg is among her group of best friends, because Cyborg is predisposed to severe hostility, especially about men and is essentially the type of dramatic older woman to suspect that everyone is dangerous and wants to hurt you, particularly men on the internet who troll websites. A fair presumption or otherwise, CD knows that someone like this would be highly receptive to a claim that I was just a troll posting someone else's photos with no eating disorder (disproved that on its head) and that I had 1000 alternate accounts (I never had one). Who would be the category of people who are less receptive to that? Someone who is closely in contact with me, a male user, someone who is younger and not leveraged by years of misandry; that is essentially the type of person who would question her claims. It strikes me as nothing more than ordinary and in protocol that most of the people who hate me fall into an older demographic; minnie me is about 60 years old, Cyborg is in her late 40s. Who else hated me? Moonfairy towards the end, who is in her mid 30s from what I understand. Anne, who is probably in her late 30s. There are much more older people who dislike me than anyone in their teens and early 20s and the reason for this is simply because they aren't that paranoid, highly suspicious type who have had years of bad experiences with men or heard of people who had bad experiences with men, and are quick to accept that I'm just an elaborate troll, apparently coming from a site that I never made a single post on. As for how I got to that weight, towards the end I would do long water fasts to get down to that weight, and then I would be in an eternal binge/starve cycle to maintain it. At the time of that photo, it was something similar to that. My binges could be anywhere between 5000 and 12,000 calories and I would simply fast and/or exercise until I was back down. I would try to eat 1500 calories to have a stable intake and life, but that rarely worked out as the years went on. I was just too hungry so I succumbed to eating everything and would fast it off. I never actually puked my binges but I would exercise and lax. Provided I did some walking everyday, just incidental things around work, I could easily maintain on 2000 cals. My BMR at that weight alone was about 1500+ and I had a high thyroid issue at one point. I would actually lose very fast on 1500. My eating wasn't as bad as one would assume, I would just live on the fringes, making sure I compensated for all of my binges 'just enough' not to gain weight or eat just little enough to lose weight consistently over time.
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    The correct way of saying it is that looks determine the rough ceiling of girls that you can get and other life factors. If you're PSL 4, you might be able to date a bit up, but you're not going to snag a PSL 8 girl (w/ makeup obviously) unless extremely unique factors are at play (small country town for example). Looks don't decide whether you'll have sex or not (barring mentalceldom, or special cases) but the girls you'll have sex with, in an approximate give or take 1-2 points model. The thing that distinguishes the PSL'er from the normie is that the PSL'er typically accrued years of isolation, which forms into an intense need for having 'the best' as a way of compensation (the hottest girls, etc) which is plainly unrealistic.
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    Denmark seems pretty shitty but of course you're always gonna have smart asses who post 1 in a million couples and say "der, ur theory debunked!". Greek girls are def the most hypergamous though. In oz, different girls will have higher standards even while looking relatively the same. Some are just really stuck up while others would date a looksmatched BF. There's no universally applicable rule to all girls nor can we say with certainty that all girls will accept their looksmatch. It generally happens but a lot of the times, not. Besides I can't really say there is a consistency of hot women here like people say. In very select areas, yes. Just walking in the city, no way. Men just overrate women so badly. Men are just so fucking primitive and see a slim girl and suddenly they'd give up the world just to fuck her. My work buddies were checking out these 17-18 y/o year 12s when they were doing their exams and were fucking moaning just looking at them and not one... not a single one even reached PSL 6. Just slim, average to ugly girls. Not to mention that girls fucking hate that sense of desperation, and it will show in your mannerisms, your discomfort and anxiety when talking to her, and then she'll wonder why the fuck you're so desperate, conclude that you must not get other women. This severs the number one reason why girls find guys attractive; because their female friends do, as well. Women want what other women want. Most guys just make rookie mistakes that make them unattractive to women. But I mean if you don't even get to the talking stage because you live in a fucked up country where girls want purely white looking guys, then what the fuck does it matter anyway. The average chick in a church? Yeah I've seen them date their looksmatch and sometimes even uglier guys (though I admit this is very infrequent relative to the males dating down). Alright buddy boyos. Listen closely because I'll explain female mechanics and how to choose a partner. The girl who bleaches her hair blonde, cakes on a mountain of makeup, is perpetually frauding, wears super tight skirts and dresses to accentuate the little ass she has, is usually the type to talk to anyone who isn't a 6ft+ good looking male in a belittling way, the essential type to treat him like a "little brother". This is the route that stuck up white girls go down. They are usually heavily overrated and are standard psl 4's without makeup. If you want to look out for stuck up ethnic girls, look at their previous partners. If they're all GL white dudes who mog them into oblivion, then you know that she's definitely an entitled special princess, so stay away. They usually try to imitate pre-crazy-surgeries Kim K and also heavily fraud with makeup. They are often gym addicts, and can be the anorexic cardio addict type or the purely squatting type, posting pics of her squatting as a way of suggesting that her implanted ass is "all natty brah". On the side (whites more than ethnics), these girls are usually sugaring and laugh at the stupidity of men. These girls also go on tinder for "low-key" subtle sugaring because there is no more persuasive scam than one that is laced with sexuality, because sex is the man's greatest weakness. The same can be considered for women with respect to an infenitezmal amount of men that it's not worth mentioning. So with sex on the table, you can question a man all day in a very way where he doesn't even realize he's being questioned, and proceed to make him feel sorry for you, so he gives you money because he's excited about putting his cock in what has become your endless black hole. Don't believe me? Read sugar baby forums. Ask me for a myproana login and you can read the sugar baby thread in the sex forum and read about all the girls laughing at the clueless cuckolds who think these girls actually find them one bit attractive, when they're complaining about their small dicks, suboptimal body fat percentages, joking about their virginal statuses, and it's all, entirely, undeniably, clearly, based on looks. But let me guess, if he made her laugh, then maybe he'd be able to LTR her ass. Mata Hari 101. University is the fucking worst for women these days. I was at USYD which is basically a top university here (but definitely not the best for women), just a few weeks ago walking around with a male friend who works as security there. Fucking hell man, not only are all the women pretty ugly, but painfully stuck up. Trying to flirt with guys like 5 points hotter than them. Yeah BRB, makeup fraud who would need 4 surgeries to reach normie status as a male, talking to a quintessential all rounder finance or law male student who would make me look like an underdeveloped high schooler. I go to university libraries very often and it's a dead place to find girls. You have to find a girl in the first year of university and LTR her. After that, it's done. Don't bother. I rarely see it in reverse as well. Do you guys ever see a really ugly guy try to flirt with a girl who mogs him into oblivion, in a cold approach style? Man unless it's some cringy PUA (which I've prolly only seen a handful of times over the years), that shit just does not happen. Most ugly guys, as I observe them, are pretty damn reserved, and when they do try to get a GF, settle for girls below them without a second thought. The whole obsession with hot girls that seems to be arbitrarily attached to ugly men is PSL exclusive. I have probably only seen one ugly male with high standards and I'm certain he was being sarcastic. We don't have ER's walking around everywhere. The problem with university is that there's a massive sex culture attached to it. The girls go either one of three ways. They're either legit volcels and live in an ultra religious family with curfew times, strict dad etc... (very rare but worth mentioning), they settle down for a looksmatched or above LTR in first year and save themselves from whoredom, or they go on the cock merry-go-round for 4 years and amass enormous lay count (most girls do this in varying degrees). Yeah let's be real, tinder is not real life, but so many girls are on it. And bumble, and snapchat, insta, etc (which are all avenues thru which sex can be obtained). And getting a one night fuck with chad because chad is a horny bastard who has no sense of respect for himself or where his precious museum-worthy dick is going, instills major confidence in these women and in essence they become deluded about their own looks, or simply consider themselves to be successful frauds. If you're wearing lifts everyday and frauding your height by 3-4 inches, do you honestly care in the moment, when you're towering over a chick, that you're frauding your height? Not really man, it is what it is. Same thing with chicks and makeup. They just don't care and see it as a necessary evil to facilitate the kind of life and validation they want. Who are the most loyal girlfriends I see in real life? Asians. Who are the girls I see least of on online dating, tinder, and the rest of that clusterfuck? Asians. These two findings aren't unrelated. The number one thing that prevents men from having sex is the lack of opportunity. The number one factor preventing female sex is insecurity. Once they realize that men don't really care if they're fat (yeah most guys DO NOT) and would prefer their grotesque bodies to their hand, then fuck yeah, they'll unleash their whoredom. I only see the lack of understanding about women in guys who haven't had any experience with them. The height of desperation is observable largely in men who lack women. To the admiration of its opposite, chad is an calm person around women, the conversation is as fluid as it would be with their close male friend. I haven't met a chad who isn't more blackpilled than all of PSL combined. Every single Chad I meet doesn't take any girl seriously ("that's females for you"), are well aware of their frauding and never dwell on girls who don't make anything easy for them. Just LOL if you think most chads settle for girls around their looks range. Just, no man. They know how multifaceted and issue ridden these girls are, because for the brief time that they fucked them, they understood a tiny bit more about women, and it culminated into a wealth of understanding. I know a guy who is 32 or so now and was a tremendous slayer in his uni years and he told my friend and I straight out, "my misses (aka his wife) isn't the hottest thing out there, but you never want the mother of your children to be". His wife is PSL 5 and super loyal. I've never seen her disrespect him and is constantly anxious to please him. Thinking that having sex with a really hot girl (whose looks will deteriorate at a rapid rate) outweighs the burdens that are commonly associated with them (tons of sexual experience, stuck up, entitled princess attitude) is naive in the extreme. This is the guide that you should follow in an LTR if you're serious and want to eventually get children from this girl. 1. Is she actually attractive or just slim and average? Stay away from a very overweight woman because she's not your looksmatch if you're lean and in shape, and thereby you shouldn't marry. Also when kids come into the pic, things will be torturous as she passes down bad habits. Just be smart and think of the future and your worth. If the former > what is her friendship group like? Does she display typical whore behaviors? Did you find her on tinder (stay away for LTR), If the latter > is she completely looksmaxxed and trying to be someone she's not? Constantly dyeing her hair bleach blonde, very skinny and body conscious, wearing tight clothes everywhere and exclusively befriending top tier guys? Stay away even if given the chance. If in either circumstances she passes the first test, then you must ask yourself the following questions. Balancing one against the other and considering the total picture, reach a logical conclusion. What's her mother like? What's her general family dynamic like? Have her sisters had multiple divorces? Is she an alcoholic? Does she smoke? Is she very religious? Does she get angry easily? Has her family struggled with money and did her interest spike once she found out you had some money? Is her bad side, really bad? Does she say irrational things, constantly, and try to retract her statements shortly after? Does she make you feel better about yourself, or are you dealing with her to say that you have a GF and just be considered a normie? Is she good at calming you down? Is she a feminist and constantly alleging men to be inherently evil, but putting on a different facade and purporting to exclude you from those generalist statements? What are her friends like? Does she beg you for sex or are you the constant initiator towards what appears to be a disinterested woman? Does she complain of a low sex drive constantly to get out of sex when the reason for her low sex drive is seemingly inexplicable, often a few months into a sexual relationship? How does she talk to other guys when she's purportedly exclusive to you? Are you dramatically dating up in looks and if so do you think she's with you for a status or money boost if you have either, or is it innocent and by chance? Is she constantly trying to emasculate other men and does she tease a lot of random people you guys see? Is she protective of women but quick to insult any man, in what is a stark contrast that can only be put down to extreme misandry? Does she try to act dumb in order to come off as 'cute' and thereby more attractive (is she a bimbo, basically)? From what you can establish, is she good with children and being a good housewife? Does she have intense mood swings day to day and even when she's not menstruating? Does she have severe mental illnesses that will render her unfit for children and an LTR in general? Does she want to get married at 35 or 25? Is she interesting to you after you've gotten off, or is this connection a toxic overload of lust? Where did you meet her? Why do you think she was on online dating sites, if she was? Is her self-esteem low, normal or exaggerated? (normal is ideal, low is better than exaggerated). If any of these answers are notionally negative (should be figured over the course of a relationship quite quickly or simple interaction), reconsider marriage and children. These are the final purplepills.
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    Only when they're in Antifa. After I've driven over them. It's really more of a victory honk.
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    Nearly all women have high sex drives. The difference in # of sex partners is mostly a matter of how decent/stable a person she is. Women with the same sex drive have sex about the same amount, but some can keep the same guys around, and some have to constantly find new dicks, because none of them want to deal with her for long. In essence, the only difference between a slut and a high sex drive woman in a relationship, is her mental stability and personal character. Any woman clearing 10+ dudes in a year is just not a very worthwhile person. No man is willing to stick around.
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    Here's the final blackpill on height. Men fraud their height. Women have no idea on height. To an extent, both genders have no idea what a real 6'1, 6'2, 6'3 guy looks like. It's fucking tall in reality. 5'11 in the eyes of women can be anything from 5'9 in reality. I am mistaken as 6'4 constantly and the girls are ADAMANT that I'm that height lmao. I laugh my ass off when someone on lookism says that they're 6'1 and feel short. That's because they're not 6'1. You'd be mogging everyone, especially in shoes. I know what that real height looks like. "6ft" can be a 5'10 guy easily. So when a 6ft guy "feels short" it's because he's 5'10 and that's average or even below in many rich areas.The girls who are blackpilled on height are the tall girls. If she's VERY tall, say like 5'11+ for a girl, she'll absolutely have a good grasp on height. It's more likely for sure. These girls walk around with constant bitterness (usually), and only seek out guys who are 6'3". They often regard themselves as models as well, even if they are repulsively ugly, and these are the ones who enforce the heightism against shorter guys. Girls who are very short, 5'2 and below, often like taller guys as well. Around 6ft is their sweet spot. They feel more vulnerable and want a taller guy to make them feel protected because of all of those years of biology ingrained in their system. Girls who are average height but not quite very tall, are happy with average to above average height guys.
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    Holy shit She was PurpleDildo's little sister Lowkey found his accounts and created accounts on the same websites as him to troll him
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    Used his last breath to neg me before he drowned
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    PSL takes a completely true concept(the better looking you are, the better looking women you can get and the easier it is to get less hot women) and turns it into an imaginary dystopia where only the top 5%(at minimum) can keep even average looking women. Literally none of PSL theory is even remotely applicable to 4-5s for one thing. I know PSL 4 guys, with a PSL 5 GF, and the guy is poor, has zero charisma and just a handful of average friends that he's known since grade school. Now of course, those guys on average get PSL 3.5-4.5 girls. And yes, their options are more limited. If his GF breaks up with him, he may go a year alone. He often has between 0 and 2 options. Yes, dating is more difficult for these men. But most guys in the 4-5 range are not incel. They just don't have droves of pussy lined up. While it's nice to have options, having the ability to sleep with far more women probably has less value than most PSLers would like to believe. I was friends with one PSL 7.5, and he racked up 40 women in one year. Up to that point, he'd slept with only about fifteen. After that year was done, he got in LTR and to my knowledge stayed monogamous without cheating for about 3 years. I don't know what he did for the next couple of years, but I know he's been with his current GF for about 2 years. So even guys with very good sexual options usually choose an LTR. If the worry is "But my girl won't be here FOREVER" that's true for every man. Do you really think O Pry can keep a woman around "forever"? I don't. Humans aren't made to be lifelong monogamous. We're made to be semi-long term semi-monogamous(between 1-3 partners at a time for 1-3 years at a time). What I keep seeing is the same shit. "Why doesn't free Tinder work for me!?". A: Most relationships don't happen from online dating. B: If you must use online dating, pay fucking money for it. Instead of screwing around with free Tinder, either buy plus, or move over to Hinge or Match. At the very least, try Once and Coffee Meets Bagel(they're both free, but you only get 1 and 5 matches per day no one gets to pick who they message). I just think most of you guys crave depression. If you must rely on online dating sites, at least go spend some money on them. You'll happily drop $150 for the Halo collectors pack on your XBox One, but can't be bothered to drop $7/month on Hinge and Tinder Plus. I can't afford seven whole dollars for Hinge, because I'm busy saving up $25,000 for my BSSO and Lefort 1
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    Explain ugly guys who are married to ugly girls. I'm not talking about an insane looks hypergamy where the guy who is a psl 4 is dating a psl 8, but just looksmatched ugly couples. They exist and they're everywhere, living their lives happily. Besides, on what basis does a guy have the right to date up? Assuming a perfect world where women were not hypergamous, that doesn't mean men have any basis or plausible explanation to date up. Hypergamy as we currently see it is just the product of men with high levels of testosterone (or higher than women) seeking sex more desperately as a result of their hormonal profiles. There's nothing more to it than that. We can all sit here and make philosophical arguments all day but it's not productive. Think of what you want to achieve in life and try to achieve it. I'm not one to talk myself about not being on forums, because I post on here a lot. But god man you need to take a step back and stop taking things so seriously. Start reintegrating yourself again in social activities and talk to girls. Practice talking to girls and being comfortable around them. There is nothing stopping you from getting an average gf other than your own social ineptness and your isolation. You're still in your 20s i.e. still redeemable You have to work with the cards you were given. Girls are jealous of not being Stacey and getting chad easily, yet there is no female lookism forum. You might say "well girls can't be incel" which I agree with, but lookism is basically a bunch of guys complaining about not having 8/10 supermodel 16 year old girlfriend who begs you for sex the second she meets you because "muhh eye area" "muhhh chad jaw" Lmao There was a girl who was legit deformed I saw a few days ago on the train Here's the brutal red pill, do you think any guy wants to fuck her? Did she ask to be born like that? The world is harsh and brutal, but few people are subjected to the extent of its brutality. Most certainly you are not one of those people, at least involuntarily. Everything about you is redeemable but you're rotting on several forums with no objective other than to continue rotting and complaining. You've been on hairloss talk since december and already have many posts there.. my god and that's just about your hair! Given enough time and social isolation, you can obsess about anything and take it to extremes. Big deal, most guys are afraid of losing their hair as well. Tons of guys are taking fin. But they're not obsessing about it all day on a forum. Just relax, breathe. You can fix yourself. Ppl on lookism would call me extremely bluepilled i.e. the same guys who are 30 year old virgins simply because they believed in the "red pill" meme that you need to be 8/10 to have sex. Just lol
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    yep. one was older milf at a brothel who was surprised at how "cute" i was and let me smash well over the time i payed for (we went like 20 minutes extra because i couldn't cum and she wanted to get me off, but my dick wasnt having any of it thanks to tren + whiskey. hard as a rock, but my balls were asleep), gave me her actual phone number after and told me to call her for drinks and fun sometime and i never did because LOL i sobered up and suddenly the prospect of fucking a busted up old whore for free wasn't as sexy as it was when i was drunk and high on tren. the other was an asian bitch i fucked when my mate got dumped hard by this girl he was getting engaged to and was srsly fucked up over it, so i took him to fuck hookers because there was no way he was going to get a normal girl in his emotionally crippled state. We found them in the classifieds lmao and he fucked some blonde bitch and had a good time, I was stupidly like hmm hmm let me try something novel oo asians.... photo showed a cute chick, get to the shitty little motel apartment, knock on the door, some busted up rice paddy gook answers and I'm like "wtf" but whatever might as well smash... she keeps stopping to check her phone in between sucking my dick and now I'm just getting annoyed, eventually start fucking her and then this bitch starts whining about how my dick is too big and its hurting her LOL no shit she tells me she will suck me off and I'm just like fuck this let me get out of here before i kill this bitch in frustration. Ended up leaving with blue balls and some $150 or something down the drain, ridiculous. If i ever fuck a hooker again ill actually go to thailand or colombia or some place where the hoes have a competitive market you know what i mean LOL
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    I actually just linked it, but the forum doesn't make links blue for some reason. I would rec affliction-labs.net in North America. I've heard good things about EuroKing-Gear.COM for Europe, but I don't order oils from overseas as they're more likely to get seized by customs. What I do personally, is order pills from Asia, and oils from domestic sources. And test is cheap enough to order stateside anyway. It's the PCT that costs so much. For PCT I'd suggest anabolicsfast.lt and supps.to Both are cheap and seem to sell legit products. NeoMeds.Com also has some stuff no one else has if you're looking for exotic PCT stuff. For needles and syringes, you'll never find a cheaper place than healthykin.com They're literally half the price of any other supplier I've found.
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    I hate it when they use their eating disorder to justify their behaviors. And the swarm of people to their moral rescue, "oh sweetie, it's just ana pushing you to do it!" lol
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    I don't know anything about finasteride, but I used to work at a high end salon while in college and we carried some treatments with minoxidil. I would say that 99% of clients had positive, and often significant, results.
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    Took me a sec to realize what SPT meant tbh But his main issue is that he's honest, imo
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    I totally think you should experiment with your profession. Occupations that are seen as very 'sexy' and yielding high income vs. one that is more 'noble' and connoted with low compensation vs. something ridiculous vs. no job. I'd also specifically be interested in the results of above, in the application of being an 'entrepreneur': 'Sexy' - you're opening a bar/restaurant/club/something entertainment-related but can't say too much since it's a high profile project/some investors are high profile 'Noble' - you're developing liaisons between NPOs whose needs aren't adequately filled; recent project involves pairing after school programs for at-risk youth with local animal shelters that are in need of volunteers 'Ridiculous' - you're developing an app - it's basically Tinder for mentoring; mentors and mentees swipe left or right to find their matches (Okay, after writing this one, I realize this isn't really ridiculous and could very well be a good idea - if anyone's reading this and decides to develop it, you are obligated to give me a 10% royalty - but what I had in mind was old men mentors swiping left/right at young, essentially at-risk, needy or learning disabled kids and making their decisions based on their interpretations of who seemed to be worse off, less work, seemingly 'cooler' or relatively normal, etc.) 'Unemployed' - "Currently on hiatus and trying to reignite my creative energies after a very involved project on track to be highly successful took a devastating nosedive."
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    I'll ban him 4rm my life if he bans you bb