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  1. thoughts on injecting mk677?

    SR9009 is the one with bad bio availability. S4 is fine. I've never heard of S2.
  2. rate my natty arms (srs) in light fraud

    I can't find this? Closest I can find is some wild speculation from DatBTrue http://anabolicminds.com/forum/igf-1-gh/283161-long-acting-ghrelin.html
  3. thoughts on injecting mk677?

    I doubt there's any danger. Now does it go systemic if injected into muscle? I don't know. It probably filters out to the bloodstream as usual. But no one has done it to my knowledge. Primary research!
  4. Rate my latest selfie - Blulatto STAY OUT!

    Amazing transformations happen every day bro
  5. Rate my latest selfie - Blulatto STAY OUT!

    Just got it done
  6. Collagen and aging

    82 year old using Retin-a since 1986 In motion https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/west-side-story-reunion-rita-714797 Legit looks 45.
  7. Add this gif

    We have too few bragging ones.
  8. Fratboykermit, are you srsly a girl

    But girls love cocks. I actually legit think dicks are the only reason most girl's aren't straight up lesbians.
  9. rate my natty arms (srs) in light fraud

    I didn't notice a huge difference. I did seem to be about 20% angrier than usual. I was also just a bit more focused on things a little bit less likely to slack off for "just a minute"(that can easily turn into an hour). But it wasn't anything major. I was also on a pretty low dose. I was about 4x my natural levels, but 2000 is only about 2.5x your current levels. But also keep in mind that most things don't impact me much. I've smoked weed and barely changed. I can get black-out drunk and have 90% of my normal cognitive ability and at least 1/2 of my normal coordination. I feel almost identical when taking oxys. Honestly the only things that have ever impacted me were ecstasy and cocaine. I have heard tren really does change your mindset. But I like my hair so I'll never have first hand experience on that one.
  10. Collagen and aging

    Histological analysis showed changes suggestive of skin aging (fragmentation and disorganization of collagen fibers), especially in patients over 60 years. There were no significant changes in the relationship of age with the thickness of the dermis and epidermis, but there was with the percentage of the collagen I, III and total (p<0.001), which decreased with increasing aging. Histological sections of skin from the group of women aged below 50 years old showed large amounts of type I collagen fibers arranged neatly Histological sections of skin from the group of women aged 50 to 59 years showed mild fragmentation of collagen type I The histological sections of skin from the group of women aged 60 to 69 years showed marked reduction of type I collagen fibers and the presence of type III collagen fibers Histological sections of skin from the group of women aged 70 to 79 years showed marked disorganization and fragmentation of fibers of collagen type I and presence of type III collagen fibers The changes found in aged skin are: volume loss, reduction cell (fibroblasts and mast cells), reduction of blood vessels, shortening of capillary loops and abnormal nerve-endings In the elderly, the fibroblasts continue to produce collagen (even in vitro), which could suggest that the decrease of collagen would be subject to several factors, including increased degradation since the synthesis of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), enzymes responsible for degradation of collagen, increases with aging without an equivalent increase in their inhibitors. The beneficial effect of retinoids on skin aging due to the inhibitory effect on MMPs may be an indicator of this phenomenon http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S0102-86502012001000012 ---------- Moral of the story: Use Tretinoin before age 40. And low dose 0.25% gel E3d is just fine. http://looksmax.net/Thread-Retin-A-tretinoin-for-anti-aging
  11. rate my natty arms (srs) in light fraud

    I don't know how bad this is on lower doses. I really looked no different after a two month run at 300mg(with peak total test values around 2,000). I think the danger is in much higher levels. And tren. Everybody instantly looks 25 after a few weeks of tren, even if they're 16.
  12. most legit theory on psl

  13. most legit theory on psl

    Romania is home of skinny bitches I'm only looking for the 175 and up club