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  1. Race/ethnicity/phenotype is everything

    cope op its about being ethnik with loads of melanin etc no melanin = DEATH SENTENCE
  2. Rate tinder exchange

    i mean its aus so u have to try source locally tbh i can send fucking liquorice and it would be seized at customs and treated as a wmd srs
  3. Rate tinder exchange

    this is pretty awful op whatever u can do i can do better, i can do everything better than u etc
  4. ER the subhuman morphed his photos

    whos incel enough to nitpick this shit?
  5. there was a rly blackpilled bodybuilding guide...

    came here to say this but u beat me to the punch hence making me look less cool on this site fucking BASED etc
  6. I weigh a full 20 pounds more than user: vitriol

    yeah im over 120kg rn and pretty lean for this time of yr not sure if i wanna get any bigger after this cut tbh might switch to a maintenance dose etc
  7. Help I only get 7s and 8s on tinder

    she ug who she tho?
  8. Cara delevingne's square body type. How is she a supermodel?

    kate upton-tier slab hips tbh
  9. ITT list of the chaddiest names

  10. on nye im having a 3some

    or hes overstimulated himself and cant get it up
  11. steroid experts get in here

    no one here knows anything about steroids op
  12. twink models where selected by jews to feminise european men

    redpill its run by faggot jews
  13. Last night was fucking great!! Happy new year homomax

    what u do? HNY btw