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  1. My elderly wife will be like this or I'm getting a robot

    I'd probably still choose the bot though [video=youtube]
  2. Rate tinder exchange

    Slayer problems.net
  3. what would you guys rate this tinder match

    All body, but hot af I almost threw my phone across the room in a fit of rage
  4. Those mother fuckers. I knew people were lying when they said NASA is funded by the US
  5. That is the most revealing evidence we've seen yet that NASA is trying to fool us all...but what are they hiding? I bet they have all kinds of cool stuff beyond those walls Or maybe it's terrifying and they're actually protecting us like in Game of Thrones
  6. Travelling through Tinder

    That girl in the pic would not fuck then if they were the last two dudes on earth. How did two average guess think they'd travel on female donations? The everyday male has the social awareness of a gnat.
  7. When incels do "weight loss"

    Would rep op but it's broken
  8. Bangs look terrible Lots of hot ethnic chicks these days though, that is true
  9. Solution to feminism [video=youtube]
  10. Do ugly guys even exist?

    Lots of subhumans in day to day life. Less subhumans in social settings, which incidentally is where people meet, so yes, competition is stiff.
  11. Female Teachers Who Became Registered Sex Offenders

  12. Female Teachers Who Became Registered Sex Offenders

  13. I would dump my gf if she got fat.
  14. Good looking men are rarely if ever accused of perpetrating sexual assault, but since most men are not good looking and making eye contact with a female who thinks you're ugly is now sexual assault, it is best they avert their gaze from anything that even slightly resembles a female. Best to only look at the ground if
  15. He didn't think that one through