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  1. You should chop your dads dick off tbh How dare he bring you into existence
  2. Collagen and aging

    Mirin' hard tbh I remember seeing this guy on a thread in lookism, he's been usibg retin a for decades
  3. Yeah its accurate upwards of 6'2 but between 6'1 and 5'10 dont have it that bad tbh
  4. Foreplay for this guy is actively going through every fat roll looking for his dick
  5. Everything about this profile

    Well thats enough final destination scenarios for today tbh
  6. Rate this GIGA Chad according to Lookism

    I think she's with that arthur farad guy but they're in some weird dominatrix type relationship where she fucks and sucks every model she shoots while he watches. But holy fuck those guys are lean af
  7. Rate this GIGA Chad according to Lookism

    She has "i'm a male master" tattoed on her neck lol That arthur farad guy does look good apart some pics where he looks crosseyed lol
  8. Rate this GIGA Chad according to Lookism

    Btw that girl must be getting split in half in the most brutal way possible You should look at their site and yt, its weird af
  9. Rate this GIGA Chad according to Lookism

    Do you his insta ? Definitely looks weird and fake as fuck, most women would be scared of him Oh i found it its in the pic lol
  10. most legit theory on psl

    90% of those fat bitches became single moms by the time they ended filming this shit video
  11. traveling international again... error! chad.msc not found

    Well the mismatches in looks might be cuz of the money Locals are rich and a lot of rich guys take their sugarbabies/golddigger gfs on vacations there
  12. yeah but if done right all the variables should be the same. same area, only a 24h hour difference, same face... i might do it if have enough free time
  13. oh yeah ofc i expect a goodlooking guy to get matches, the goal would be to see if there's a difference in the amount and quality of the matches
  14. no i wanna see the effect of perceived status alone, all other variables should be the same the fact that you didnt understand the point i made and immediately went to the "only looks matter" stuff further proves that you have problems. and i don't even mean it as an insult, you really should change your outlook on things for your own good