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    Test three
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    testing reply
  3. so i have it in an oil/liquid form, I was thinking of taking a slin pin and just injecting it in my delt are there any objective dangers to this @"TheGreatCornholio" I think each 1ml of my solution is 30mg mk677
  4. rate my natty arms (srs) in light fraud

    Hm I can't remember the exact study, I remember reading about it on lookism. I do remember there being a study though. I'll try to look for it and post if I find it. If I recall correctly, the general consensus on lookism was that the study was high key promoting another product so likely fabricated their findings to dissuade mk677 use.
  5. Everything about this profile

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  6. thoughts on injecting mk677?

    Interesting. I might take the plunge and do it. I saw someone selling injectable sarms on an aussie steroid board and I kinda got the idea. I think he was saying that he brewed injectable sarms b/c s2 or s4 has a 2% oral bioavailability. I might ask him for a free sample in return for a review. He's selling each vial for like $250 wtf. I would pay but most ppl would just for the much cheaper roids.
  7. what do you think @"GokuBlack"
  8. Dutasteride increased my sex drive

    hey, I'll snap you in a bit <3
  9. rate my natty arms (srs) in light fraud

    why sad lol someone stole my surfboard today its rly ogre for me left it for 5 mins getting ice cream with gf come back and its gone #australia
  10. Dutasteride increased my sex drive

    go to a club and do it
  11. [Daily reminder] If i grew right, i'd be chad

  12. rate my natty arms (srs) in light fraud

    lets fight daddy
  13. what apps can you meet 16-17 year old girls ?

    Unsure about yellow because I set my age to 18+ on it. Meetme is 16+. It's pretty active where I am. But competition is very hard. The 16-17 year old girls you're talking about go for the 20 year old superchads only.
  14. rate my natty arms (srs) in light fraud

    Very informative, thank you. Nope man I think it's just muscle giving the appearance of a bigger frame. I feel like my hands got a bit bigger on the 2-3 months I was stably on mk677 at the beginning of 2017 but it's difficult to say because i didn't set out to measure it. Like someone else said here, if you need several IU's of HGH over years to experience any bone/organ growth then I doubt mk677 will do much in that realm. It did help me with skin. Overall I still have mk677 but I don't take it. I just feel so weird on it. My sleep is strange on it, with lots of lucid dreaming. Brain works a little bet better but it's almost like I'm high. Not sure.. tbh. It's not a very studied secratogogue. I really wouldn't recommend it to people. There's also a study that says it can cause brain damage. I'm just ruthless and try a lot of things lol.
  15. Fratboykermit, are you srsly a girl

    because we dont want to turn the female section into a cock fest
  16. Rate my latest selfie - Blulatto STAY OUT!

    He doesn't need that when he has a healthy mind.
  17. Rate my latest selfie - Blulatto STAY OUT!

    You said you had 94 slays. NT theory strikes again. @"amincel" any more copes after this bro?
  18. Add this gif

  19. rate my natty arms (srs) in light fraud

    do you get any mental benefits from roids
  20. rate my natty arms (srs) in light fraud

    Yeah I've always said this. It's a simple combination of insertions, bicep peak and leanness which emphasised it. Some guys just hae 0 bicep peak despite having a lot of muscle, because their insertion is further up. Honestly I think my bicep looks weird but its better than the alternative. I've rethought roids a lot. In any case I wasn't going to start until I have my 2nd child so I still have lots of time to think and contemplate. I don't think a cyclle will do me any well. I can maintain a DEXA confirmed 9-10% body fat while not losing my sex drive etc (any below and things get really bad). My current size is my ideal size tbh, I don't want to be any bigger. Combined with my almost nw0 now, I can come off as 18 yrs old (srs). If I get to a lean 200lbs, I'll start looking mid 20s srs, and generally my attention from women goes down when I get too big. Just looks like "oh yeah that guy spends his life in the gym" kinda thing. I just wanted to try roids MAINLY for the mental side effects, but I realize now they seem overblown.