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  1. Like really high calorie snacks that i can munch on to help with bulking.
  2. Framepill

    I think traps and a wide back is very important in gathering presence, especially so in taller guys. So work on those, i mean you should already be mogging most people in frame just due to height alone, but i've always found thick back, neck and traps especially intimidating. But yeah you're right face isn't the only thing that's important, as an ultra lanklet here i agree with that.
  3. @Vitriol actually looks like Dave Franco

    Jon K and Dave Franco looks worlds apart. But then again, Slayurs are always high af so.....
  4. Sean O'pry in this videos > everyone

    There should be a walking in NYC for 10 mins as lachowski
  5. today is my last day of eating animal products

    Wonder if you're really gonna go vegetarian this time Goodluck brother
  6. are you chasing pleasure or running from pain?

    Chasing pleasure tbh
  7. This is the only song I play in my car

    Damn i used to play this all the time, what a throwback. Time to put it on repeat again.
  8. Anyone else have a better eye area than their parents?

    I mog their everything except wrist size and ankles, basically small joint crew
  9. This Site is a Joke

    I'm a simpson Because im yellow
  10. small tits are legit disgusting

    I don't think those even count as tits lol Bs and Cs are ideal , though i'm more of an ass guy.
  11. [Ultra Rage] She ruined my rep score before leaving

    She had a self requested ban lel
  12. Paying for escorts/prostitutes

    Can i choke and slap a prostitute as a way to unload my incel rage?
  13. [Ultra Rage] She ruined my rep score before leaving

    Time to neg myself, inb4 @"Evelyn" bans me for making an alt.
  14. I didn't even get to tell her off. I'll miss you, you 8+ stacy @"Aotandchill" .
  15. Paying for escorts/prostitutes

    Never done it but i feel like doing it, i need a form of release