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  1. most legit theory on psl

    Tamales r the real deal there
  2. Collagen and aging

    He was born in Norwood Talk about god playing a joke lmao
  3. Collagen and aging

    daddy, cum on my face so I can stay younger!!! just be ethnic if you want to stay young
  4. 6'2"-6'4" probably so chart has a thing or two right, but obviously it's mostly satire. maybe like 3-5% of males are between 6'2"-6'4" in most western nations. Only in sandinavia, dinaric alps, or netherlands will you find many people in that height range..
  5. Everything about this profile

    :laugh: imagine if that turbine was accidentally turned on tbh.
  6. Was almost bluepilled today

    girls really dont have a mind of their own even some legit smart, steadfast girls become bumbling idiots around chad tbh.
  7. Was almost bluepilled today

    legit. when I was in RO clubbing my friend and I got tables and he literally just snapped/pointed his fingers at girls and they would come over. EE is raw unfiltered money theory in motion.
  8. Was almost bluepilled today

    lol true he has a pretty good face tbh. just fat also he's in LA rn I was joking.
  9. Was almost bluepilled today

    that might have been my friend- if you are in bucuresti
  10. @fratboykermit

    only one way to find out @fratboykermit
  11. @fratboykermit

    make your first post @"fratboykermit" mirin name
  12. Rate this GIGA Chad according to Lookism

    might as well be a psl2 no sane women will find this attractive
  13. Vitriol’s psl rating is closer to 7 vitriol btfo

    nobody I've only said it's better than tinderp