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    when you're out with your girlfriend and see your other girlfrie
  1. @"amincel" doesnt look 6'1 to me post proof @"amincel"
  2. your looking at it from wrong way... just ons no ltr atleast most girls want to try an older guy once
  3. whos the chucklefuck

    fuck you.... delusionalcel
  4. "build muscle bceause only jbs like twinks" "make ur hairstyle more mature because only jbs like that hairstyle" bullshit like that.... why if you keep your hair you can slay 16-18 yo (16 is legal in most countries) even if you are 40... happens all the time boyos being twink with hair is ideal phenotype for hottest women
  5. you guys think psl only = trolling but mpa mods could be trolls as well like poobear on lookism making fake female accs cant believe anything these days
  6. fuck is the visa 3 months... thought maybe 1
  7. fucking lol... almost as funny as the dirty_laundry thing the text box fucks up for me... btw
  8. her brain definitely is not there... mine too its k worst mod there imo or maybe fluffy is worse
  9. only good way of making money online now is crypto (was?) and being a girl selling r18 vids and pics... i would be the biggest bitch as a girl... sell nudes and vids of myself to cucks and make bank
  10. would you date a girl FIVE years older than you?

    i would date 10 yrs older
  11. Rate my hair. 0.5mg dutasteride per day

    if you dont get sides, it doesnt matter but its expensive i agree with you in 1 year vitriol must be spending like $1-2k on hair los smeds... not a lot of money for some people but for poorcels like me its lots
  12. forums are dead in 2018 discord took over... private groups took over number of successful forums is very very low these days