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  1. Dutasteride increased my sex drive

    My sex drive is very low. I think women hate me and I hate them etc
  2. Dutasteride increased my sex drive

    I saw in my dream that I kissed a girl and then posted about it here. I just went in a club and grabbed some randoms tits then she kissed me. Ideal life
  3. Dutasteride increased my sex drive

    Feminine feautures are the way to go
  4. Was almost bluepilled today

    Why u go out without me ?
  5. rate my natty arms (srs) in light fraud

    1v1 me in boxing match on @"Lux" farm Im waiting. Im the Danish village champion
  6. NT=GL non-nt=non-g,

    LEL "I grew up ugly then I looked in the mirror and realized im chad."
  7. Why is everyone so tall on this website
  8. They know their looks matter but they never admit that its their looks that enables them to be confident and "players".
  9. Rate tinder exchange

    These posts kill me inside
  10. It is only as a rejected incel when you realize the true nature of women
  11. The fact that nick bateman is arab proves two things

    Why u ignore me on snap
  12. Is boxing good for having stronger lower third

    why dont you box anymore. You dont have to compete. Its way better than gymceling. Pure gymceling is fucking boring
  13. Is boxing good for having stronger lower third

    I have also competed but not in boxing. I stopped all fighting sports at 18 cause of the constant concussions. Now I started boxing for 3-4 months and havent got a single concussion lmao. My hands where never good I kicked really hard though I almost broke a guys arm in kickboxing gym.