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  1. They're aware that I am not-nt, but they blame it on me rather themselves for making me ugly
  2. Dutasteride increased my sex drive

    Normal coping mechansim for incels. Males know they are non desriable, so they shut down their sex drive. Might have something to do with low T etc etc.
  3. Fratboykermit, are you srsly a girl

    his name says he is a boy
  4. Rate my latest selfie - Blulatto STAY OUT!

    Thats not him
  5. NT=GL non-nt=non-g,

    You just proved my point lmfao.
  6. rate my natty arms (srs) in light fraud

    brb taking tren
  7. most legit theory on psl

    More like just be good looking
  8. NT=GL non-nt=non-g,

    What does that even mean
  9. Rate this male model

    What an ugly dude, thats why hes making money because of his face This thread:
  10. NT=GL non-nt=non-g,

    Reminder that years of social rejection becuase of your face is the root cause of you being non-nt, and nothing else.
  11. glad to hear that ur genes are ncie and healthy, would be a shame if they were of my quality.
  12. I truly am the ugliest man alive