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  1. What exactly causes positive canthal tilt

    Genetics. I have high cheek bones, doesn't do shit. It's the way your forehead bone is shaped.
  2. life is pure cope without good genetics

    ... getting a mental issue over this ? Unless you're PSL 2-3, you'll still get laid. Want more ? Work for it (looksmaxx/moneymaxx/go-to-a-poor-country-maxx). Does NOT apply to the USA. People there are incels 'cause they're like bull terriers, they can't hit the fucking hole !
  3. I'll just leave this here

  4. Rate me

    I'm talking about his rating in his age range, dude. Yes, age is a factor, yes older dudes will mog younger dudes if they have similar genetics/looksmaxxing.
  5. Do ugly guys even exist?

    They don't exist. Nobody can see them. Including yourself.
  6. Yeah, height is very important... if you're under 5'9"
  7. truerateme

    6. He looks gay. He's rated like that by copers.
  8. Rate me

  9. Tl;DR Not all of it anyway. Yeah, some dudes have really mental reactions to being unattractive. Talking BS on the web doesn't change attractiveness, changing your body does.
  10. Do you have black hair ? Pluck it out. If you get more... dye it. I had several... they dissapeared (fell off).
  11. I was thinking maybe this thread should be sticky... Just sayin'.
  12. redpilled ways to last longer in bed

    Red wine. Mental discipline. Experience.
  13. Yeah, dude, you're already dead, you're just in denial. C'mon, bring out that shovel, there's a shallow grave you need to dig for yourself. Let the coyotes have some fun, if you didn't when you were 19.
  14. How can I become a good man?

    Gymmaxx, moneymaxx, do-what-you-want-and-like-maxx.