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  1. what apps can you meet 16-17 year old girls ?

    Unless you look that age it's going to be pretty hard tbh
  2. Rate my latest selfie - Blulatto STAY OUT!

    would bang
  3. Rate my latest selfie - Blulatto STAY OUT!

    Is this you? BSSO + Sliding genio tbh
  4. Collagen and aging

    I've noticed white males are affected with this collagen issue the most, I have a few friends who are in their mid 20's with crows feet + nasalobial folds. The key to ageing well is collagen and hairline
  5. Lmao I just found this online, Whats the ideal range in your opinion? People are getting taller and its 2018
  6. Rate this GIGA Chad according to Lookism

    Lmao at this morph
  7. https://www.instagram.com/berlin.1969/ aesthetics taken to the nth degree I would rather be generic colton haynes or stephen amell over this giga chad tbh
  8. Lmao I found a white hair a few months ago. Could just be an anomaly that passed through without receiving the coloring. Monitor it
  9. Rate this male model

    He probably has the best bones in the world, only reason he is a model
  10. NT=GL non-nt=non-g,

    Orb is a great example, PSL7 and couldn't get laid until 22 because he was aspie as fuck. NT theory is legit as long as you are at least average (psl4)
  11. Do you use the default theme? Its looks a bit bland/dated imo similar to lookism
  12. Rate tinder exchange

    Damn whats your psl rating, sounds like you slay online
  13. Rate Stephen Amell

    Colton Haynes also looks pretty good although he is short.
  14. Rate Stephen Amell

    I've been watching this guy on arrow and curious where he falls on people scales here 36, 6'1'' Mirin Hairline for 36-37 btw