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  1. what apps can you meet 16-17 year old girls ?

    online games tbh . Thats where i legit met few girls from other countries and fucked last summer
  2. took 24/25 days to hit my first slay of 2018

    cool story bro , tell it again
  3. Rate these 2 yung bulls

    first is pretty af no homo , second meh
  4. idk why but your signature is beautiful and aesthetic af . lets rare buea
  5. the heat destroys me tbh

    wait wtf are u from australia ro somthing
  6. Is it serious and effective as finnastride? its natural im taking it right now for prevention but maybe i need ifn
  7. im on my GRIND this year

    actually grinding means u lost . Just lol at not being perma relaxed the whole time
  8. substantiate what? nigga said he is targeting jailbaits lmao . I glanced over that but looking at his pics i went back to that and laughed so much lmao . Just imagine him in the pics saying that irl . Holy shit people on here
  9. this is the guy thats targeting young girls holy shit . what a fucking pedophile lmo you are a fucking mentally ill person
  10. dutastride vs finastride

    lol at injecting
  11. dutastride vs finastride

    want to know which is better , planning to buy one