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  1. so i have it in an oil/liquid form, I was thinking of taking a slin pin and just injecting it in my delt are there any objective dangers to this @"TheGreatCornholio" I think each 1ml of my solution is 30mg mk677
  2. most legit theory on psl

    just be above average height, average or above face and gymcel
  3. NT=GL non-nt=non-g,

    Reminder that years of social rejection becuase of your face is the root cause of you being non-nt, and nothing else.
  4. this is miranda kerr and her brother Her brother, a nobody, no one knows him. Nobody cares about him. This is despite having striking similarity to his sister's appearance. Miranda: Marrying billionaire and she's EIGHT years older than him Top supermodel endless validation her entire life @"crosshold" @copeforlife @"ethnicsuperpill" @"forever_incel"
  5. In PSL ratings, ethinicity is everything IMO, take these generic male models, very traditionally attractive faces which are although pretty generic have broad appeal and sex appeal than many of the alien esque male models (Barret,Eriksen,O'Pry) I have no doubt they would probably slay more in a social setting, its all about finding the right balance of aesthetics and faces with broad appeal rather than having a face with every feature perfect and top tier aesthetics wise which many girls would probably consider weird and too unique. When it comes to whites, being unique does not really matter unless you want to model, a generic classically handsome face is much better for slaying than having top tier facial aesthetics. Girls would find this more attractive (Ballou,Batemen, Lachowski , Chevrin) Unfortunately the same cannot be said for ethnics, Being unique and standing out is critical for an ethnic (Toni Mahfud, Hrithik Roshan, Laurence Coke) for example a generic indian or arab is at a huge disadvantage. Take Nick Batemen for example, a very generic face with good stubble and hair, I know many indians with similar hairstyles and beards like him also similar facial structure, if Nick Batemen was arab or Indian with most of his features intact, he would nowhere near be as sexually attractive or rated as highly as he is in the psl community. If Nick Batemen was Indian with most of his features kept he would go from PSL 8 to PSL 6 I have no doubt about this, being white and having those generic features is everything. Look at the generic male models below, if they were ethnic for example and not american/canadian/british, they would probably go down 2 PSL points These dudes would probably be rated strong PSL 7/8's unfortunately this is mostly due to their ethnicity, if they were not noticeably white they would go down. Ethnicity and phenotype is everything I often hear the term ''deathnik'' for ethnics, standing out is key for an ethnic as they cannot have broad appeal and be generic looking, they need to have stand out features such as eye halo etc. Some ethnic example (night and day difference)
  6. Let's make it the opposite the bumble, that women have to message first or they lose their match within 24 hours. Also let's embed a photofeeler type app on the program. And the only people who will be visible to you are those within your approximate looks level so no chad hunting for them and no stacey hunting for men. Thoughts? @"marken12" could this finally be the idea that turns us from millionaires to billionaires?
  7. Accept it. The final redpill. @"marken12" @"Lux" @"I_hate_vitriol" @"forever_incel" @"TheGreatCornholio" @bombsaway SWALLOW THE BLACKPILL
  8. Just lol, imagine having the chance to be born and you are cursed with shit like balding, uglyness, acne, etc Meanwhile people like O'Pry who have done nothing but be born get money thrown at them, while incels are demonized for beign sub-6 psl (and nothing more). Like its legit sad, how evertyhing comes down to genetics and how you got fucked harder than stacy at a frat party with the genetic lottery. Like wtf is the point in playing a game thats rigged, I want the copists to explain @"Vitriol" @"forever_incel" @"crosshold" @"Lux" They'll probably say shit like "ohhhh its just this" yet they dont know the reality that most incels live, and push this fucked up meme that to "just be normal", like just lol imagine you're a girl and some dude who looks like jzsana asks you out and tries to socalize, its a fucking joke. And ppl wonder why everyone on psl is aspie, etc, its mostly down to looks, if they looked like any MM or any decent human they wouldn't be aspie, so just lol at the just be normal crowd tbh
  9. Honestly everyday I'm 10000 times thankful to my great tall parents for giving me my tall genes. Height is extremely critical and anyone who denies it simply hasn't been in the real world. @"TheGreatCornholio" argues this : if kinobody was 5'6, he would outslay a 6'3 guy with an incel face COPE We've never seen anything like this bro. All I see about 5'6 guys are girls making fun of them or they're dating shorter asian girls. Never saw the validity in the face > all argument. Just look at that guy on lookism called alexanderr97 who apparently has a male model face but 5'4, and girls treat him like a kid, can't process him sexually because of his height. I am noticably tall and I can say that it's a huge halo. I would have a lot less appeal if I was 5'9. I always hear from girls "I love how tall you are" (LITERALLY an almost invariable statement that's made within a few minutes of meeting). I hit the signposts that are up in the air when I'm walking just for the lols, and girls look at me and smile. People have rated me here 6-7psl. I would become 5.5 psl facially if I could be 6'5. I believe I'm 6 psl. I would be 5 for 3 inches of height tbh. More novelty and I enjoy mogging people, outside of what is desired or not. Face = meme It's all about having a non-repulsive face and robustness and height are the most important factors. Preparing for cope from @"amincel" who is one of the most severe aspies in psl history.
  10. I've been told I'm a PSL 3. The best I could hope to achieve without surgeries is an average(at best) face and a slightly above average body(without roids). After years of looksmaxing I'll finally get treated like a normal looking guy: like shit. I'll give it a good 2 years before I make any rash decisions. Hopefully my online-business gets to the point where I am earning enough passive income to go full hikikomori/NEET. NEET + gymcelling + looksmaxing is the only life I could see myself living after being blackpilled. After discovering looks theory it all makes so much sense. Looks are the reason girls/teachers/employers/relatives/other students all treated me like horseshit. PSL 3 + autism/aspergers == fucked. I can't even go a week without some woman treating me like a subhuman because I wasn't born with model looks and was raised by helicopter parents, making my autism much worse.
  11. "build muscle bceause only jbs like twinks" "make ur hairstyle more mature because only jbs like that hairstyle" bullshit like that.... why if you keep your hair you can slay 16-18 yo (16 is legal in most countries) even if you are 40... happens all the time boyos being twink with hair is ideal phenotype for hottest women
  12. we live in an ultra gullible society Today I walked around the entire city. One thing I noted was the FLAT EARTH that we live on. No curvature. You guys say "wouldn't you fall off the edge". Antartica is an ICE WALL holding everything in place. You are all so cucked for believing this spherical earth bs. The earth is A CLOSED system. You cannot get out of it. The sun is a lot closer than we think too. If you run around your neighborhood in a circle, does that prove that the neighborhood is round? Just think.
  13. Other thread was glitching hard so here's a summary. Legal age in my country is 16. These are just girls I find highly fuckable, irrespective of their place within modern beauty/attraction markers that we discuss on here. Alexa Jones: @gainsbybrains @lexirivera @Hanfitaustralia Alexa Blair: Claire Heart Wifecrazy Mandy Flores @cassersemis @sabrina.opper @tabithagoedheart "annalise s" Charlotte Lindstrom Second from the left: Isabelle tease Will post the rest and more soon.
  14. ...sitting exactly like this, smiling at your oneitis...
  15. - nobody posts - everyone lurks - all the girls left thanks to @"GokuBlack" IT'S OVER LIFE ENDS AT 12 ily guys <3 I will post moar
  16. The success of non-surgical looksmaxing is proportionate to the discrepancy between your actual (current sex appeal) and ideal (potential sex appeal) self. First purplepill: we all process each other on a sexual level. We all look out for cues that indicate testosteronic or estrogenic factors in males and females respectively. Heteros are just not drawn to the fucking with the same gender. If you're overweight, have legitimately horribly styled hair, bald, there's acne all over your face, etc, it's more likely that looksmaxing (focusing on these respective factors) will improve your appeal significantly. For someone who doesn't have a lot to work with, what you have now is likely going to represent your fullest capability, and spraying tones into your hair or fixing your skin a tiny bit isn't going to turn you from ugly to normie to normie to chad, etc. This year, I completely looksmaxed myself. The biggest looksmax for me was gymcelling. That's because I used to weigh very little once upon a time, and this is was a huge looksmax opportunity because bodyweight is a dimorphic trait (to a degree). Beyond that, nothing else helped. Making sure my hair was styled excellently, spraying brown or auburn tones into my hair, improving my skin that was already pretty decent, still yielded the same attention. We all have CEILINGS of potential. That ceiling is only raised with SIGNIFICANT differences. On a non-surgical level, these are very few and on a case by case basis. People don't care about what you're wearing. Chads leave the house in basic t shirts and jeans. Actually, I was looking at a high school chad. He has horrible skin. Everyone still likes his photos and he gets plenty of attention. If he fixed his skin, I don't think a million new stacies are gonna be flooding his page. The blackpill on gymceling is DO NOT get too big. DO NOT. You'll attract low quality trashy whores. We live in an ultra feminized society and you have to take this into account. Girls are more attracted to their female friends than they are to most men. Go look at the partners of obvious roiders and usually you're debating which one of them is on a higher dose. If you're already a normal weighted dude with decent muscle, gaining 20lbs of muscle via slaving away and being an autist about calories and regiments isn't going to cause any significant differences in your life. If anything it could be counter-intuitive and attract lower quality women.
  17. You're all emotionally stunted and socially awkward. Recently met up with @"TheGreatCornholio" He talks a lot about "game" but the reality is, he's a 6'6 californian chad. I quickly ran away after seeing him.