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Found 221 results

  1. He had 10 of the village girls to himself. Meanwhile moses traveled the red sea and ended up with nothing. Why? because Moses was chadlite. Hypergamy always existed. Chads have always changed. You can be chad too!
  2. chad gyno thread

    so I can cope
  3. Got destroyed. Chad sleeps for half an hour to get the equivalent of 20 hours in a deep sleep.
  4. you have two accounts here trash talking them @"fucktheworldman666"
  5. Randomly taking orals here and there

    I just can't handle Anavar on an every day basis, it messes with my joints too much. Thing is, it has a half life of 8 hours. What I'm wondering is, is there an actual reason I'd need to run it every day? Obviously I'd get less effect with using it E3D, but would it just be a waste of time? Considering its short half-life I have to feel like it's fine to take it on random days when you're already on cycle. If you take it only once a day every morning, it should be almost out of your system every day as it is(levels should be 10% of what they were at last dose). So how would skipping days cause it to not have an impact? I suspect people insist on every day, in part because of testosterone which takes continuous use for several weeks to fully kick in. But wouldn't it be possible to use var like a pre-workout whenever? You should get most of the effects, unless someone can explain to me why this wouldn't work. This should also apply to many other orals like Dbol(4 hour half-life), and Tbol(16 hour half-life) @"myster_meat_pua" @"Vitriol" @"PizzaLad" @"Übermensch" @"steroids+surgery=ascension"
  6. ideal steroid

    The ideal steroid should be A) potently anabolic B) low on androgenic side effects C)low on conversion to estrogenic metabolites D) not liver-toxic and E) have an absence of "odd" side effects (this automatically rules stuff like trenbolone out) The candidates to my knowledge, are thus (not in order): 1. Nandrolone 2. Boldenone (EQ) 3. Oxandrolone (anavar) 4. 1-testosterone/ dihydroboldenone 5. Methenolone (Primobolan) Boldenone I have some experience with, and I thought it was not good. Even when running it with testosterone, it made my cock disinterested in playing after a few weeks. And I just didn't rate it that highly as an anabolic. A legit big rig I know remarked that he "wouldn't even use EQ to oil my bike chain" thats how worthless he thought it was. There may be some truth to the idea that some people are simply non-responders to the drug, as others swear by EQ. Nandrolone from my research seems to be the ideal candidate thus far - and it has the longest track record in use next to testosterone, actually longer if you consider old era bbers simply often did not use testosterone. The ability to fairly easily procure this in pharmaceutical or veterinary productions is another major boon. Its not liver toxic, it doesn't produce any "weird" mental effects that teenagers love, it doesn't seem to have a negative effect on sex drive despite the persistent "deca dick" myth. However, the ester it is commonly prepared with - decanoate - is needlessly heavy/long IMO. Of course there is nandrolone phenylpropionate, but I doubt there is *any* legitimate pharmaceutical products using this ester, and certainly none in the veterinary world. I dont yet have personal experience with this drug, but when i move to some shithole (undecided where exactly yet) i will definitely march into the nearest vet retailer and purchase bucket loads of deca. Oxandrolone would be a close tie with Nandrolone IMO, if not for the fact that it is either an expensive or hard drug to find legitimately. As far as pure anabolic effect is concerned, it might be the most potent steroid we have, although its perception in the steroid world is otherwise simply because it doesnt cause massive fluid retention like all the bloatcels want with their "gained 10kg in 2 weeks bro!" cycles. IME, its very well tolerated, isn't noticeably liver toxic even at high dosages, and doesn't have any weird side effects. However, the pumps can crippling especially to anyone who plays a sport. I cant remember it having a negative effect on sex drive, but then, I can't remember if i ran it alone. I believe i did. 1-testosterone aka dihydroboldenone is a potential candidate but one i know very little of and one i suspect only comes up on the radar because of steroid users candy shop mentality (e.g ooo look i havent tried this one!!). As you might guess from the name, its the 5AR reduced form of boldenone. I read a post a long time ago from someone suggesting that the perception that "boldenone's magic begins at 1+ grams" might actually be due to the conversion to DHB. Whether thats true or not, who knows. Given I dont like boldenone, and given how unavailable this stuff is in general, I'm not going out of my way to find and test its 5AR metabolized form. Primobolan has a sort of mythical status, one I really can't find any concrete information on. Despite its unicorn like treatment in the internet steroid world, I have to think that a drug that only got marketed in europe/middle east by pharmas and never got to market in the rest of the world probably wasn't that great, or at the very least wasn't better than the drugs that were already being marketed there (such as nandrolone). I'd absolutely be willing to try it, but given its one of the most scammed steroids, and its only pharma availability is human, and only in countries like turkey and iran, I doubt I'll ever get the chance. Masteron didn't make the list because ive used it before and it did sweet fuck all in terms of growth, and just made my horny and gave me zits. No thanks, the bloatcels can keep in their megastacks with testosterone and everything else, trying to "harden up" at 30% bodyfat
  7. https://instagram.com/p/BdSKLJQheVy/ Good night newbs G
  8. Would destroy and shove my dick so far down her throat tbh
  9. does smoking cause hair loss??

    not normie bullshit but scientifically does it?
  10. MK-677 @ 3mg sublingual works

    I've been taking this for 5 days at just 3mg held under my tongue until it's gone. I do 1.5mg 2x a day. 3mg all at once is difficult to dissolve under the tongue. I have already started packing on water weight(up 4 lbs). I have also been getting the unsual sleep sides. The skin effects are not here for sure yet. My skin looks a little nicer, but that can just be a day-to-day thing. Nobody needs to be slamming back 25mg of this shit a day. So wasteful. Studies show 10mg is 80% as effective as 50mg. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/articles/9329386/ And other people report that sublingual is 3x more effective. So 3mg sublingual = 10mg oral. And 10mg oral is 80% of 50mg. So I'd imagine my 3mg sublingual dose is about 90% as effective as 25mg oral at 1/8 the cost/substance. If you're taking it now, give the 3mg sublingual a shot. Tell me if it works as well for you as 25mg oral.
  11. Found a real fucking gem - The practical use of anabolic steroids with athletes by Dr Robert Kerr, published in 1982 You simply cannot get resources of real world clinical practice like this these days - closest you get will be TRT docs which is not really the same thing. Dr Kerr was a sports medicine physician specializing for over 16 years in treating anabolic steroid users both recreational and professional athletes So you want the tl;dr experience, here it is: his 3 drugs of choice due to the excellence of results and LACK of side effects were deca-durabolin, anavar and dianabol with the latter, dianabol, being the one of those three that had the highest incidence of side effects and one he prescribed cautiously to anyone with a history of gyno or acne. Methandriol was a preferred "bulking" injectable if it was necessary to be additive to one of these drugs (good luck finding methandriol these days) in his 16 years of practice, some THOUSANDS of patients, baldness, gyno and acne problems were encountered in less than 1% and were usually found to be the result of the athlete adding other drugs in against the advice of his physician, and resolved when this practice was ceased. ALMOST ALWAYS HE COULD ATTRIBUTE ACNE LESIONS AND GYNO TO THE HIGH DOSAGE USE OF TESTOSTERONE ESTERS he notes that testosterone is a useful and powerful addition for the patient wanting to gain weight rapidly, but a large portion of the resultant weight gain is FLUID. And the dosages he prescribes when he did opt to use it topped out at 200mg/week try getting someone on a moron forum to start off with 200mg/week of testosterone and 10mg/day of anavar, they will take it as a personal insult. The widespread phenomena of bloatcels with gross acne, puffy faces and signs of gyno is not at all a mystery, at least not to me, guys are taking huge dosages of testosterone along with 3-4 other drugs, most of which are just relabelled testosterone by the way (I dont put any stock into "experienced" guys being able to "tell" by how they feel - because "Masteron Propionate" got sold to thousands of these morons here in australia, at a premium, when it was actually just testosterone p - oops! - and see guys like Dr Tony Huge who thought he was running deca-durabolin in thailand only to find out.... it was testosterone.) This gives me huge pause these days as I have come to learn how much estrogens are implicated in a fucking SLEW of disease modalities, including some of the worst like cancer. oh by the way you might notice i didnt say anything about AIs, SERMs or any of that shit : thats because the doctor didnt fucking need them!!!! all that shit only became necessary after the widespread use of CHEAP and EASILY ACQUIRED testosterone esters. and no one in the "business" is complaining because they get to sell more drugs. The cost of the average "cycle" has more than quadrupled due to this and other nonsense. Have the results quadrupled? Fuck no.
  12. train for strength and just do hypertrophy for dimorphic parts (neck, forearms, delts, traps, maybe biceps and triceps) if they're lagging and stay lean (ideally 8-10% but anything under 15% is still good) srs look at LEAN people who train for strength their muscles usually look better than your average gymcel who does bodybuilding style training even if they're the same weight and bodyfat hard to put my finger on what it is though, probably to do with how the fibres etc grow and the angle of the fibres being different or something also run 500mg test year round with maybe other anabolics on top occasionally but not HGH or slin that stuff makes you look like a clown think spring/summer 2018 I might hop on test and do a suicide cut for if I go on one of those holidays like zante, magaluf or ibiza
  13. just lol if you disagree
  14. I couldn't find the answer online, so here's my work: These weigh about 4.5lbs on average. The meat is about 60% of the chicken weight. 72oz * .6 = 43 oz meat. 1 oz of chicken meat(50% white 50% dark) is about 50 kcals and 8 grams of protein. 43 * 50 = 2150 kcals 8 * 43 = 344 g protein. So an entire costco chicken without skin is 2150 kcals 350g protein With skin(about 600 kcals) 2750 kcals 350g protein P.S. Google had better put this towards the top of the fucking index
  15. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/12/12/women-rate-the-strongest-men-as-the-most-attractive-study-finds/?utm_term=.4b4be990248f LOL IF YOU STILL AREN'T BLOATMAXXING
  16. Like really high calorie snacks that i can munch on to help with bulking.
  17. Turducken is a dish consisting of a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, further stuffed into a deboned turkey. 30lb Turducken featured below A 30 lb turducken has over 1,600 grams of protein! A cockentrice is a pig's upper body sewn onto a turkey bottom. It was very popular with King Henry VIII, the first man in history to ever be called a "bloat lord". If you haven't been getting the gainz you desire, then you're probably eating basic meats. You need meat synergy!