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Found 29 results

  1. Add this gif

    We have too few bragging ones.
  2. Seriously. The farthest I've managed to go on nofap has been 3 days before I started to jerk off again. When I was talking with this girl some years ago I managed to abstain for 9 days before fapping again. So, anyone have any tips to go on for a month or more without fapping?
  3. Itsa me

    (don't quote this) Yo I'm back cucks, it's SickCunt. Wtf happened in the past few months, and who's Lux? Where dafuq is Vitriol, Satan, the grills etc? Inb4 no one knows me.
  4. Recently my dog became a major oldcel and no other dog has found him attractive since. Even the street cats scratch him now. Honestly it's absolutely over. I just fed him and I'm going to read him a picture book of a unicorn and tell him that he could be a unicorn one day. He's coping with sleeping all day.
  5. I miss RealAlert

  6. it always baffles me to read "is 2g test 1g tren 2g EQ 1g masteron 50mg anadrol a good cycle?" and then says something like "my lady" this and my lady that wtf
  7. redpill on hair?

    I would say that if you photoshopped this hairline/hair on any ugly guy, he would become average or above average thoughts ?
  8. The creative genius of the 21st century never ceases to amaze us with his creativity. Give him a problem, he will find a solution. Give him a challenge, and he will overcome it. Creative genius found on 4chan
  9. Lookism appreciation thread

    Let's use this to share the greatest hits of Lookism. Just drop a link and a quick sentence about why it's worth seeing. I'll start: https://lookism.net/Thread-Should-I-photoshop-a-outdoors-environment-on-this-pic-for-Tinder http://archive.is/3L9ja Wonders if he should photoshop an indoor selfie to make it look like he was really outside. PSLers start photoshopping him into everything.
  10. did you do this ? narcissistic asf
  11. https://lookism.net/Thread-LOL-those-2-friends-of-mine-dont-slay-here my 5'6 manlet friend gets laid more than them
  12. I have a feeling it could induce hair growth tbh.
  13. I'm one surgery away (buccal fat removal) from his modeling agencies replacing him with me Kortajerena is already having a breakdown he's coping with JB's His daily meal to maintain ideal cheekbone projection He also got robbed in the desert and had to walk like this for 6 hours He's also junglemaxxing Daily reminder that fame will get to you eventually and you'll just want to be alone in dangerous jungles He was dogmaxxing then he realized it's a major cope Meanwhile the turbo stacy life Hot lesbo sessions with each other everyday on the beach It's over
  14. why loss of libido on testorone??

    was fapping 5++ before fapping 1-2/day now wtf maybe estrogen too low? should i eat less arimidex
  15. my username is cope

    it assumes i can actually get chads leftovers
  16. When you first stumbled upon the PSL forums, did you legit get depressed during the first few days? I know I did. I was already feeling down in my life when I decided to browse Sluthate (first PSL site I encountered) and discovered the truth.
  17. My objective rating

    BM will soon provide you with my objective rating. And no, I'm not sending pics to anyone else. This was a one time thing. I'll point back here in the future when asked where I stand. It will be PSL and % of US male population in my age range. Body and face.
  18. typical chad behavior saying he's average looking in real life while he's fucking young girls due to slayer face notice how all the chads here are always hiding the fact that they're chads? forever_incel - huge chad thegreatcornholio - fucks young women even tho oldcel and "psl 4" vitriol - "psl 6" but treated like psl 8 even classic used to say he wasnt good looking and he was actually a monster chad getting 18 year olds on tinder with no effort despite being 25 and 'average' anyone who says they're good looking repeatedly online is in reality ugly as fuck
  19. Johnny Berba teaches us
  20. Is it even possible...

    ...to NOT get cucked in an LTR in 2017? Lul