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  2. Lmao don't take that account seriously I'm just using it to screw around.
  3. Already norwooding. Fin or dut?

    Being a college wagecuck means my budget is limited, and can’t decide between fin or dut. All sources Ive seen for fin are MUCH cheaper, whereas dut is hella expensive. However, general consensus seems to be that dut is a lot more effective, and I dont wanna waste $$ on fin for 6 months before realizing its not working. Wut should I do tbh. Cant lose my hair, its my final cope
  4. How do I cope with not being a 9.9/10

    What's the point of anything if your not on top of everyone else?
  5. Brutal dickpill

    Anything under 5.5 girth is too small. And anything 5.5 girth and above is too big. Everyone's penis is the wrong size.
  6. All the guys I've seen going even from slightly chubby to shredded seemed to have little to no changes to their face. The only time you see a night and day difference is when they're full on obese to begin with. I'm like 30% bf at 160lbs right now and the only thing that separates me from being sub 10% is ~20 lbs of fat. I find really hard to believe that losing such a tiny amount all over my body would have a profound difference on my face.
  7. if you are any bigger than this end it
  8. Vitriol gone Looksmax.net dead [align=center]Gone but not forgotten[/align] [align=center]Slay on in heaven boyo [align=left] [align=center][/align] [/align] [/align]
  9. for vitriol

    The user Vitriol is banned permanently for the following reason: Self requested ban.
  10. sluthate is down

    sluthate is down
  11. @"Simptastic" the highest T guys like these type of girls not "high e" (aka fat) [webm]https://i.imgur.com/YTsA3io.mp4[/webm]
  12. the brutal redpill for vitriol

    He posted pics of his office desk and i saved the pics as chadspiration. It was posters of skinny women over the room and his girlfriend as the desktop wallpaper on his computer with drugs and money on the desk. Hes nothing but a hedonistic piece of shit making fun of us @"Vitriol"
  13. Mentally stable. Bonus if your also a HighIQ ascended being. I don't understand how I've made it this far without at least having a couple failed suicides tbh. I don't know how I've coped for this long. Lol @ the bluepilled retards who say it gets better. No it fucking doesn't. And If it does for you than you weren't truly mentally ill. Everyday that goes by without visiting gandy is anyone day you're coping. Let's hope my new years resolution comes true this time I don't want to continue endlessly coping
  14. Rate my avi and signature.

    Please daddy
  15. A lot of the best looking guys in the world have had similar features/phenotype such as dark hair with blue eyes such as Gandy,Bomer, O'Pry and chris pine. I personally think this is ideal similar to Sterling Archer, would this male be the best looking ever if he existed? Matt Bomer is pretty close to this imo but whats everyone elses opinion. Most people would agree that Cavill had the highest psl rating in his prime but he had bad features such as a crooked nose with visible cartillage segments and bug eyes with upper eyelid exposure, also a bad hairline.
  16. I am legit disgusted by myself

    I keep getting fatter my GF went from wanting sex daily to refusing it and sexting chad right in front of me. bloatmaxxing is cope
  17. its over, I will probably be hairdyeceling by the end of 2018 I need to prevent Norwooding and wrinkling however I can, YOUTH is everything