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Found 73 results

  1. what do you think @"GokuBlack"
  2. It's seriously over for that guy
  3. Meanwhile have to stay natty while my dick is shrinking day by day on dutasteride (not srs)
  4. @"PizzaLad" my theory was right, 20-21 is pretty much the last year of your prime. After that it's all ogre boyos. Don't listen to the coping oldcels here. I myself have started to develop similar coping mechanisms. Lol @ making yourself "ageless", "timeless". "Keep yourself young bruh just work out and diet". It's not because those things aren't true, but because THEY DO NOT MATTER. I'm basically nw0.5 now after aggressive dut treatment and I look like an 19 year old chadlite. I look as prime as prime looks. IT DOES NOT MATTER. With each year that goes by, the sadder and sadder I get about things. The more serious I feel life. The more I feel "is this all that life has to offer?". And this is just me living something an above average normie life. You look at people like Justin Bieber who were on the hedonistic treadmill for years and then suddenly declined and embraced the decline and you start to understand it. You just don't care. I can understand his apathy, even as someone who didn't experience 1% of what he did. Your teenage years are absolutely the best years of your life. Don't ever trust someone who says "my 30s were the best!". They're just coping. In the last year especially, I've come to learn about the sophisticated mental gymnastics that people will go through just to cope. It's incredible and mind blowing. I see it on this forum everyday, and in myself too. And I expect to see more of it in this post.
  5. EDIT: Important posts start here - http://looksmax.net/Thread-myproana-MYPROANA-EXPOSED-MPA-EXPOSED?pid=62066#pid62066 Other highlights: http://looksmax.net/Thread-myproana-MYPROANA-EXPOSED-MPA-EXPOSED?pid=63739#pid63739 http://looksmax.net/Thread-myproana-MYPROANA-EXPOSED-MPA-EXPOSED?pid=63733#pid63733 http://looksmax.net/Thread-myproana-MYPROANA-EXPOSED-MPA-EXPOSED?pid=63791#pid63791 http://looksmax.net/Thread-myproana-MYPROANA-EXPOSED-MPA-EXPOSED?pid=63811#pid63811 EDIT BY VITRIOL: Here's a complete archive of that deleted thread. Will edit Lux's OP to contain these links PAGE 1: http://archive.is/E2yQ1 PAGE 2: http://archive.is/bYwle PAGE 3: http://archive.is/RfLUZ PAGE 4: http://archive.is/uKqxI ATTACHED is a full pdf of the 4 thread pages, just in case the archive.is is spam reported and taken down. It's a 79 page pdf. Here's another download link if the attachment at the bottom of this post messes up. http://www.filedropper.com/mpahasbeeninfiltratedthread http://www.myproana.com/index.php/topic/2515473-looksmaxnetdude-whats-the-deal-with-that-site-lol/'>http://www.myproana.com/index.php/topic/2515473-looksmaxnetdude-whats-the-deal-with-that-site-lol/ http://www.myproana.com/ myproana @"Vitriol" @"Elm" @"Goku" @"GokuBlack" @"Evelyn" @"ethnicsuperpill" @"SuperIncel93" @"supreme_looksmaxxer" @"SupremeGirl" @"Tumblrina" @"Paroxysm" @"idonotexist" @"TheGreatCornholio" honestly we should bring them here and tehy can contribute to the thinspiration thread http://looksmax.net/Thread-Thinspiration-Pictures?page=3
  6. Will you ever have children? [myproana]
  7. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17021366 Leptin does a lot of things in the body but, among them, arguably its primary role is as a signal to the brain about two things: how much fat you’re carrying and how much you’re eating on a day to day basis. As it turns out, leptin appears to drive dopamine levels in the brain. When leptin drops, so do dopamine levels As it turns out, when you starve rats, they are more likely to become addicted to various substances, because of the drop in dopamine. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17081571
  8. http://www.myproana.com/index.php/topic/2183722-why-do-guys-have-to-be-fat-to-be-sexy/page-3 former miscer (male) says: koping baldcel says blackpill girl turns bluepilled another bluepiller hypergamous whore comes in that site is beyond salvation @"GokuBlack" @"Vitriol"
  9. the guy needs to go, hes been saying for his whole time here that he needs rhino and that his zygos are weak @"Evelyn" pull the trigger on that trolling fgt
  10. 400mg caffeine 200mg modafinil 1g of caber 50mg viagra Rate I do have high prolactin levels btw, or I did some months ago and I take caber for a nice high (like my third time taking it in a year). I had already wanked without viagra, but I was going to see gf a few hours later and knew I'd have difficulty getting it up, tbh.
  11. Sorry @"Evelyn" for cutting your grass. shaq Last 24 hours hour by hour
  12. Second guessing bloatmaxing

    Today I called my friend "fat", he called me hypocrite. It really hurt. IDK what to do, @"PizzaLad" I feel like my conviction is fading. Maybe bloatmaxing is not such a good idea afterall.
  13. anyone here play mmo's

    its the biggest incel trait so reveal yourself
  14. I want to binge really bad.

    I caffeinemaxx to suppress hunger normally but it's 1am now. help
  15. This song is a banger tbh

    Reverse hypergummy Le good ‘ol days @"Vitriol"
  16. It's all a bunch of bisexual ethnic vegans.
  17. Lmfao does anyone else see it? I reckon we're pretty similar. Redpill: it's me I'm you too.
  18. Let's ban this fraud from here. @amincel
  19. Gonna water fast for 5 days.

    I fatcelled my way to 182lbs and probably 12% body fat now. Losing my spark, tbh, it's ogre. Right now it's Friday night, I'm eating a lot with gf, etc. Tomorrow night will be my last night of bloatmaxxing. From Sunday 12am I will commence my 5 day pure water fast. My current record stands at 12 (I was severely fucked up though) so this should be easy. I will be having a pinch of salt every now and then (0 calories) for electrolytes and that's it. No diet drinks.
  20. Bulimist_mentalcel

    I don't like your bitchy personality tbh. I want to put you in your place. @"Bulimist_Mentalcel"