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Found 140 results

  1. This format is a lot cleaner imo, what do you guys think: prettyuglylittleliar.net that site's format (that's not our new domain name lol) And our official domain might be lookspedia.com looksmax is too psl-y
  2. I've noticed typically a lot of people have higher set smaller cheekbones close to the eyes or some people have thick large prominent cheekbones. The smaller prominent cheekbones typically leave more room for hollowness in the cheek while the large zygos only leave a small amount of hollow cheek. Both are flanged but which is ideal/more aesthetic? A lot of people have larger cheekbones that are prominent and I have seen some males with smaller high set cheekbones, are larger cheekbones feminine while smaller are masculine? Some examples This is an animated character but he has the smaller high cheekbones I am referring to Large cheekbones/Lower set So the question is, what is more aesthetic/ideal? Lower set and larger cheekbones seen in many females and some males Or Higher set and smaller cheekbones close to the eyes, seen in some male models is any of this also correlated with masculinity/femininity
  3. How tall is tall

    Do i make the cut at 6'2
  4. Matched with some girl a few months ago on tinder, she deleted her tinder and told me to add her on Instagram. I have spoken to her like twice on Instagram in the past. I think she finds me attractive at the very least as she has viewed my Instagram stories and liked every one of my photos I have uploaded since she's started following me. I have seen other guys she follows on Instagram and it's strange how she likes every picture I upload but not theirs. She also follows 5000 accounts on there which further reinforces what I said above. She is white and brunette and very attractive probably a psl 6.5 and her body is incredible. Shall I take the plunge or not? Not sure if she would be interested or not. I am also ethnic which makes me doubtful she would be interested in dating me as another girl rejected me in a stupid subtle way in the past (on insta/tinder) and I am pretty sure it was due to my ethnicity. This however was before I was red/blackpilled about looks theory/dating. (This previous girl chose a white psl 5.5 dude over me). Online dating sucks for non whites tbh and I am too autistic/mentally damaged from lookism/blackpilled talk to approach women in real life.
  5. I´ve swallowed the huge blackpill that I probably won´t ever get laid every Weekend from bars-Nightclubs and tinder, but what is possible given my current Situation? Right now i´m basically invisible to women and sitting at about a psl 5-5.5, can I surgically looksmax to psl 6.5-7 and get a new lay once a month? That would be plenty assuming I live in my looksmaxed prime for 5 years(20 now), 1x12x5=60. More than 95% of men I would say. I would be perfectly happy with my Ascension at that point, find an above-average looking ltr and moneymaxxing would be my Primary Focus.
  6. Gandy has a dull monotone voice with a lisp, definitely not an imperious/ Regal sounding person especially as he was born near London. Sean O'Pry speaks like a 16 year old high school twink-. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R9FsZQq_HE No homo but holy shit Ballou could make pussies wet with that voice
  7. Tall robust baldcel Short framecel with NW1 and zero inhib
  8. I'm only posting in the bitcoin basement from now on after 2 weeks. The autistic asshole that litter the threads with their shitposting ruined it for me.
  9. And how dramatic has the change been. I'm hoping to get to the point where people's perception of me is different, and I get more IOI's in public. Obviously gymcelling will tend to draw attention from other men, and PS/face changes will get younger women/JB's attention.
  10. i got a narrow waist and my rib cage isn't that big so when my shirt hugs my torso it kind of caves in, i plan on blasting gear and hg, will this improve my skeletal structure? i am 18. (improve by making the rib cage bigger, thickening the waist etc.)
  11. [video=youtube] Can you relate? @チョコレートエクレール @"チョコレートエクレール"
  12. For fucks sake everywhere I go I either see that trio of fucking retards selling their shitty fake SARMS or some other sketchy pop up ad every two seconds. Then you decide to go on a forum with younger ppl on it like Fitmisc and it’s good but lacks the aspie degree of discussion that I want Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. rate me faggots

    @""amincel" theres more in here https://imgur.com/a/HG8oj
  14. Has anyone been on it long term?
  15. Sexual deal breakers

    In terms of having sex, is there anything specific that would stop it from happening? This can be in terms of fetishes, looks, partners lay count, anything that you would consider a major deal breaker. But don't respond with "fat and ugly" cause we all already know nobody wants to lay a fat troll.
  16. i cant get a grasp on what its supposed to be about thank you
  17. Electrolytes

    What do you guys think of electrolytes? My boy TommyBoy says he doesn`t even drink water without electrolytes, he thinks it`s a waste I just bought this, not the first time do you guys just drink plain water or put electrolytes too?
  18. @"Pencil_Neck_Chad" is confirmed one and posting from death row
  19. Favorite Movie, and why

    [align=left]Favorite movie and why, a minimum of 1, maximum of 3 (I know it can be hard for some of you to decide on just one).[/align] [align=left]I'll start,[/align] [align=left]1. The matrix[/align] [align=left][/align] [align=left][/align] [align=left][/align] [align=left]Deep philosophical roots, questions the nature of reality. I remember when I first saw it, I did not fully understand it. I was only 9 years old. I watched it a second and a third time before I fully understood the depth of the movie, I'ver never seen anything like this before.[/align] [align=left]I don't know what losing your virginity feels like, but to me seeing the Matrix would probably be comparable to that experience. It was just pure euphoria on every single level. Where I grew up people were simple and uninteresting, only meddling in the business of their everyday life, knowing nothing of the high achievements of the past, nor of the great poets, writers or thinkers and anything of their ideas. I knew nothing of the world outside of my current surrounding area. Ever since I've learned of my own mortality at the age of 4, I've been woken, a huge boulder has been placed over my shoulders for me to carry for the rest of my life, but I've literally had no one I could discuss this with, none of the surrounding adults in my life were learned, to them existence was probably a product of magic or god... they did not question in, or think about it, rather they just blindly went on with their simple lives. [/align] [align=left]Anyways, once I saw The Matrix, I knew that I wasn't alone in the world. I wasn't the only single person thinking about the nature of reality, of our existence. For the first time in my life, I knew there were other people like me. I remember what my dads reaction was to this movie, he liked it as well, but I remember him saying,"You had to smoke a lot of good weed to come up with something like this" also he added, " what kind of a person or mind could come up with something of this nature of depth."[/align] [align=left]2. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring[/align] [align=left][/align] [align=left][/align] [align=left][/align] [align=left]Deeply spiritually moving. There's hardly any dialogue in the movie. I found it so strange at the beginning of the movie.[/align] [align=left]It deals with the cycle of life and the passing seasons are used as an analog of expression to show different stages of life.[/align] [align=left]I saw it when I was in high school, my friends mom mentioned it(she was a huge movie buff). I don't think I've ever seen a movie of this nature before and after seeing this film.[/align] The South Korean film “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring” (2003) is Buddhist, but it is also universal. It takes place within and around a small house floating on a small raft on a small lake, and within that compass, it contains life, faith, growth, love, jealousy, hate, cruelty, mystery, redemption … and nature. Also a dog, a rooster, a cat, a bird, a snake, a turtle, a fish and a frog.
  20. nother thread on hair-loss

    If you're on steroids but don't have the mpb gene, would you still shed a moderate amount of hair??