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Found 133 results

  1. its legal in my country but all the apps im on filter 18+ @"Vitriol" does yellow let you see jb's?
  2. list of rating copes by user

    @forever_incel - overrates every noszka/miro looking jock chad by 1 point @"Raver" - rates every prime jock slayer "6-7/10"; copes about Chico @"Vitriol" - calls 5/10 bloaty faced nerdic aussies "surfer chads" @"crosshold" - rates fraudmaxxed metrosexual brown guys "8/10" @ChadsMoans - copes hard by rating nick bloatman "6/10" @"amincel" - copes about O'Pry when he isn't posting "mogs me" can't think of any others
  3. specifically my high school oneitis its over
  4. Black women have the best bodies

    When not fat. Which is unfortunately about 2% of them in America. Most have some tits, a waist, and hips and thighs. They tend a bit more towards pear shaped than hour glass, but you don't find many slim black women who are potato shaped or even just shapeless. The main reason American men have yellow fever is just because Asian girls tend to be thinner. Asian girls by and large have shapeless bodies. There's probably an untapped market for thinner black women in 2018. Thoughts?
  5. how soon to ask out a girl?

    really into one of the girls i 3somed with but got no idea when to ask her out. How long do people normally wait? 1-2 months?
  6. got cancelled on

    fuck she maybe found chad
  7. I lost another 2 pounds
  8. wht are you all doing for nye?

    srs gonna go city and try to find a girl to take to my apartment im starting my tinder again right now seeing if i can get someone from there
  9. I have really prominent ears, too and hope to have otoplasty soon recently noticed this: http://d1marr3m5x4iac.cloudfront.net/images/edpborder500/I0-001/036/322/085-8.jpeg_/illenium-85.jpeg[/img] Illenium https://www.billboard.com/files/styles/article_main_image/public/media/NGHTMRE-press-2016-billboard-650.jpg[/img] NGHTMRE https://www.edmsauce.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Madeon.jpg[/img] Madeon http://djtimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Untitled-2.jpg[/img] even Porter Robinson a bit http://essentialmusic.pl/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/gryffin-heading-home.jpg[/img] and Gryffin You may not know them, but they're all pretty awesome and I love their music, anyway it's kind of strange. Also, it gives me mixed feelings about possibly getting otoplasty soon and my attitude. Like they don't care about it (or maybe they do a little, couse they all have hairstyles with long sides atm) and achieved something, but I do that much I want and hope to pin them back soon, bad thoughts :/
  10. id rather fuck a fem guy than a fat girl since most women are fat now, guys are preferable
  11. 800+ guests on view at all times now wtf is going on even are they bots @"Vitriol" @"Evelyn"
  12. or are you trying to always date up?
  13. I've never thought I could be (semi-)attracted to an Asian (self-hating Asian crew), but the discovery of this PSL6.5 Chinese model has shaken the foundations of my core beliefs. How should I come out to my parents? Daddy is going to disown me. :sob:
  14. Is it a cliche or a fact transcending 2017 to 2018? We need to get to bottom of this.
  15. PSL to % of population

    List out PSL ratings and heir distribution among the relatively young population(let's say 20 to 30 to keep things simple). I'll post mine later. < PSL 4: PSL 4: 50% PSL 4.5: 40% PSL 5: 30% PSL 5.5: 20% PSL 6: 12% PSL 6.5: 5% PSL 7: 1% PSL 7.5: 1/1,000 PSL 8: 1/50,000 PSL is an octal scale, so there is no 8.5. It would be like rating someone "11" on the 1-10. Only to be used as hyperbole. You can also use something like 1/50,000 for the big numbers instead of super long decimals.
  16. I don't like feet

    Girl can have hobbit feet and I don't care
  17. I remember I saw this site back when it was still autumnpetals thought it seemed kinda gay then.
  18. Framepill

    Face is useless without presence smh. Been lifting for 2 years still full on lanklet. My shoulders seem to have gotten wider in the past year or so, and clavicles dont finish ossification til 25, so I have hope But I feel like frame is on par with face in importance and that's not talked about enough on PSL imo. I got ZERO attention from girls until I started lifting, and even now it's still nothing impressive, whereas average looking dudes with wide frame get ogled at by females daily. Don't crucify me for this but honestly in my experience it seems like frame actually beats face irl Am I delusional
  19. I want to do this too

    [video=youtube] Man, I really hope one day I will leave a beautiful woman just like that, in exactly the same fashion. I will make her love me, and then leave just before saying yes. #lifegoals I want to do this at least once in my life ps. I won`t do it to a girl who has low self-esteem to begin with. I will do it to a legit psl 9 woman, I want to see a woman like this cry cause she loves me and can`t have me.
  20. Even models have asymmetrical faces.