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Found 148 results

  1. Women are inflating their SMV. It is the cause of excessive hypergamy. Why must they fake eyelashes and eyebrow thickness, men are straight up. In nature they cannot cheat genetics! RIP female peacock!
  2. Pretty boys are weak twinks...

    Just lol at you if you think you can f*** up aesthetic pretty boys. They have thick necks and huge lower thirds, they will crush you!
  3. imagine the SMV of the average redditor now imagine the smv of the ones who REALLY struggled with girls beta orbiters, nice guys, guys who thought a chance but never did, etc now filter out the guys who said fuck it now filter out the guys who thought they would try to do something then filter out the ones who failed at pua (numbers game) now filter out the ones who instead of giving up searched for more answers and you arrive at the bottom of the funnel of guys who failed at everything and are now coping with holding the frame and lifting they aren't even NT enough to realize what was holding them back all this time was looks redpill meetup pic:
  4. just talking to him yesterday his fantasies would disgust most people like licking barbara palvin's asshole and shoving a girl's feet down his throat @"Vitriol" repulsive 10/10
  5. https://lookism.net/Thread-Black-Pill-GYMCEL-THREAD-TO-END-ALL-GYMCEL-THREADS-REALROB-GTFIH-EARTHSHATTERING-REVELATIONS?pid=2966254#pid2966254 This proves once and for all that LDARing before you've tried EVERYTHING is the ultimate cope @amincel and the other LDAR copers explain yourselves, ideally without resorting to some MGTOW tier levels of coping
  6. for men things like bad manletism, extreme framecel.. these are death sentences things that cant be fixed with surgery ok... easy surgeries that dont make you crippled for females i think - no waist - posting on myproana
  7. i know lots of slayers irl their faces are all random.. some can be 5/10 6/10 7/10 one thing is common, they are all over 6ft i dont know one guy under 6ft who slays FCK YOU ALL telling me face > height not when i am 5'8 in denmark vitriol: "height doesn't matter" > his tinder bio was "6'2" and that's it forever_incel: "height doesn't matter" >6'2 ask some of the manlets here and they will confirm to you how much their height affects it you dont know the problem unless you have it boyos
  8. ive been reading limblengtheningforum... holy FUCK guys take 3-4 years for full recovery lots of horror stories... someone who cant walk and did surgery 5 years ago (some big imbalance/bone problem) its fucking over its 2018 and we dont have any safe surgeries for getting taller just fucking lol
  9. i was kv when i was 19 but i changed things around late and have done it all (I have fucked zero good looking girls tho). I just feel so fucking shit looking at old photos from high school even middle school, first year college parties and i was never involved w/ the fun. Just rotting on some bullshit game at home. I just can't over the fact that i had 0 fun in my adolesence w is arguably the best time in your life. I cant stop dwelling over it.
  10. muhh curvature

    Just flew up my dad's aircraft to the highest point possible tonight, and the entire place is flat. I could see hundreds of miles in all directions. Flat earth, boyos. @"marken12"
  11. Earth is deffo flat

    like my good friends @"marken12" and @"Vitriol" I’ve been researching this phenomenon for 9 years
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91nHJzY1mWY
  13. click to reddit

  14. >vitriol stops posting

    >people start posting more
  15. This is a complex theory but let me explain. @"LMS_is_the_only_answer" wanted me to explain this theory about estrogen. We believe that big pharma manufactured millions upon millions of estrogen pills. The idea was to market this to the younger generation of females, saying they can take estrogen to look prettier. The campaign predictably failed, lacking in reach, scientific basis and being fundamentally unplanned. At the same time, the fast food industry was obviously an established industry but they were getting questions about how healthy their shit is. It follows that big pharma decided to sell to burger king, mcdonalds, pizza hut, etc, estrogen pills in bulk at a low price, with the idea that estrogen supports hair and skin quality which can mask the effects of fast food. When people were losing their hair in clumps from eating too much mcdonalds or getting bad skin, these side effects were offset (or minimized dramatically, even if they're still pronounced) due to the estrogen contained in their food, in effect masking the true effects of fast food. Like a hamster on a wheel, it keeps going and going, and that hamster is holding a juicy estrace pill. The influx of cuckold, estrogenic men is necessary for the continuity of feminism, so these giants will only increase the doses of estrogen in their food. This is perhaps one of the most brutal theories ever posted on the entire internet.
  16. - noone posts during the day - noone posts on christmas/holidays its just bdd models posting before they go to work/fuck stacey/fuck chad and late at night before bed
  17. 2017 women are openly redpilled

    [video=youtube] go to 4:45 into the video she openly and brazenly admits that a man being a creep or not is 100% to do with how goodlooking he is Redpill is officially mainstream there is no bluepill or redpill anymore, everyone knows the truth and everyone is ready to declare it