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Found 247 results

  1. my neck circumference srs if you aren't neckmaxxing you're bluepilled
  2. It's being so conscious that allows us to feel desired, undesired, hurt, vulnerable, upset, worried, anxious, excited, optimistic, and pessimistic. Our awareness is the issue and the motivator to seek security for no real greater reason. Ask yourself, what greater reason is there? How long will you live? What happens after that? Well we know that we decompose into nothingness. The survival of your memory isn't even absolute or guaranteed. Your dog doesn't worry about what he's going to do tomorrow. He or she lives in the present, adapting to the surrounding environment. This is why humans can so easily condemn animals to suffering, right? This is how we end up being able to house animals in slaughter houses and kill them at will. It's because they lack the ability to reason with us. Do you think if cows could talk and reason, that they'd be living like they are, as tools for our own self-serving desires? Serial killers almost always have no conscience. They can kill because they don't have emotion. In a sense humanity's biggest flaw straddles the ability to feel good and bad, and in serial killers you face the terrible absence of both. If they can't feel good, they can't feel bad, so the only expression left to pursue is that of power. To feel good, we must feel bad, because feelings are merely contrasts. They aren't subject to strict definitions that are capable of meaning on their own. One gives meaning to the other. And if you can't experience either, you can't live among us without killing everyone, because you no longer have inhibitions. It's okay to kill someone because you don't feel fear, or even excitement; you are incapable of feeling. The animalistic drive is necessarily rooted in killing other animals, to survive. Animals mindlessly kill each other in the wild only to reproduce a copy of themselves and this goes on for years and years. It doesn't go anywhere. There is no finality. What is the merit in hunting, tearing and eating other animals just to pass on the same meaningless life to their offspring? It's idiotic at its core. Existence is flawed. We are animals with a moral compass that we use to create some kind of social order, which is a byproduct of our heightened awareness. In a sense, awareness is a necessary evil but it negates blissful ignorance; that of a child, or an animal. Is there starvation, pain, suffering, turmoil, heart break, depression, hopelessness on Mars? Empty planets are difficult to beat. Of course the key to happiness is distraction; through money, academics, travelling, food, women, men, drugs, drinking, but there is no end goal. There is nothing that once reached, guarantees happiness but it may guarantee indulgence in activities that conduce happiness. The momentary laughter represents detachment from a mind that reflects too much, and a sense of power in being able to manipulate its inherent flaws. If you spend too much time thinking of this, you will either feel empowered or depressed. The indelible conclusion is that life is pointless and everything is designed to distract you from that realization. Don't forget that you need to pay to bury yourself.
  3. We see a lot of posts on this forum with people arguing that height is more important or that face is more important. Truth is we all know that height is vital and so is face, they are both of great importance. However, there is a balance. Ideal height is 3 inches above your countries average height putting you are 90th percentile in height. Being 3 inches less or more than your countries average height puts you in a severely negative situation. I.E. if your countries average male is 5ft10 then ideal height is 6ft1 (in some countries ideal height would be 6ft3 i.e. Netherlands) 6ft1 height 5/10 face is the same as 5ft10 with 6/10 face 6ft1 height 5/10 face is the same as 5ft8 with 7/10 face. 6ft1 height 5/10 face is better than 5ft6 with 8/10 face. Conclusion? Height & face both matter, but it depends how much better looking the face is and how much worse the height is. Also! Anything more than 3 inches above average height isn't a bonus and can actually be a negative. Thoughts?
  4. I'd estimate around 100 ish people posting around the world globally on all related redpill/blackpilled forums. Incels,lookism,sluthate,looksmax and reddit. Even Jawsurgery forums is hardly active compared to many other forums out there Surely more people would be interested in looksmaxxing and being redpilled on what is attractive and how society really is. Is it due to a lack of exposure? Or are all PSL people-autists/ mentally damaged? I can definitely see a lot of the theories/advice being considered harsh and ridiculous by many normies especially people I know For example my ex gf would tell me to ''stop exercising you are slim'' etc. If I told someone I am getting Jaw surgery they would probably think I was mentally insane and laugh it off Spending time on these forums, It is easy to tell just how small the community really is. Being redpilled definitely benefited me and gave me a wake up call. But tbh the selfish/arrogant side of me would rather less people know of the redpill/PSL talk which would give me some kind of advantage in real world situations compared to other regular bluepilled normies that I know.
  5. the brutal redpill is that all the manlets stay home... they don't go to bars parties and dont go outside unless they have to thtas why the average height seems very high but its just because the manlets are hiding
  6. what would happen if you roided, tatted and tanned then dressed and acted like a soundcloud rapper if you were already a 6 maybe you would slay from niche game and also being unique (even if its just weird) can boost your status imagine THIS guy with the hair, dress, mannerisms and lifestyle of THIS guy: would slay even as a PSL 5 beforehand (RTT would push you to a 5.25 at least then niche game + status etc would make you slay)
  7. Us middle easterners with olive/fair skin, dark hair, dark beard look absolutely amazing with coloured eyes. Light green/hazel eyes makes us look elite whereas this would not look special in any way on a white person. Once Stroma medical release their safe laser procedure and us ethnics can get coloured eyes for only $5000 to seriously halo us we'd all go up 1 PSL for $5000
  8. not getting that adblock message there anymore so going on there again just saw this thread when i was searching random shit: http://lookism.net/Thread-NEW-THEORY-BE-AS-EARLY-2000-AS-POSSIBLE is it legit or is it just that most PSLers have a romanticised view of Chad based on late 90s/early 00s movies like American Pie etc and that slayerdom moves with the times so modern slayers are more into modern things like mumble rap, ripped stretch jeans etc? honestly think it's a combination of both tbh
  9. In my opinion the two most aesthetic male models in the world are Sean O'Pry and Jordan Barret however showing these pictures to female friends and colleagues, they did not find them attractive. Even showing to some normie friends they thought they were pretty ugly. I was surprised by this it seems outside of aspie pslers that not all of these worshipped male models/actors are deemed as good looking by the normies. Yet women seem to find actors/musicians with pretty bad features individually attractive. For example some of my women friends who are pretty attractive around psl 7 go crazy over Ryan Gosling who is someone that gets made fun of in this community. Other actors that these women go crazy over who by PSL standards are pretty low are, James Mcavoy, Tom hiddleston, Kit Harrington. I cant seem to get my head around why women would rather choose these guys out of the two I mentioned, is it something to do with phenotype? Just wondering if anyone has any theories regarding this
  10. If you look any older than 18 then you're absolutely fucked. @"Vitriol" says crazy bullshit al the time but one thing i agree with him on is that this hairline into your 30s will halo you so hard and you'll never age: Stop focusing on everything just focus on hairmaxxing dut + estrogen + rosemary oil + mk677 + 200 grams of protein a day or death
  11. Incels in western society

    Incels don't have much place in American society, especially if they don't work. Immigrants come here for opportunities. There needs to be an expatriate program for healthy outcasts who don't want to live in America anymore. I'd love to trade places with someone who is desperate to get here. I have nothing to lose, am in good shape, and derive no pleasure anymore from consumerist society. I don't resent women for not wanting me, but I do resent employment situation. I'm either a burden on my parents or the government. Fuck that. If there was a citizenship program, and the same help immigrants get with job help here, then I'd jump at the chance. I'm sick of being told I'm lucky to be an American. No, I'm not. We live in a changing world. My idea might sound aspie, but it shouldn't be. Immigrants make a good case for coming here if they do brutal work and provide for their families. I want to work and provide for my sanity. It's a win-win for both sides. The host country wouldn't even have to provide me an actual job. Just make it a commune type set up where we have to provide for our own food. You can grow damn near anything with enough people and equipment.
  12. The gym is 100% the new night club

    Chads dont go there to work out. They do some bullshit arm curl then find a girl to chat up. Girls dress like they're going to a nightclub now. It's fucked.
  13. Christmas are so depressing

    Seriously can't we just cancel it. I love it, but for some reason it makes me feel so miserable. Must be the weather.
  14. Reincarnation hopes

    Yo if you guys could change 1. One aspect of your face structure 2. One aspect of your bone structure below the neck What would they be and how much do you think they'd raise ur psl Just curious tbh For me: Fix low set hyoid Narrower hips Probs go up .5 psl Y'all?
  15. Like my back looks much clearer I take 3 cod liver oil pills a day which has 1250ius of RETINYL vitamin A each pill. It's an important differentiation between beta carotene vitamin A which is found in carrots and such. My theory is that my body has a hard time converting beta carotene into retinyl thus negativity effecting my skin. I'm essentially taking a ghetto shitty form of accutane.
  16. I have hair transplantation in 4 days. What should i tell the Doc. So far i told him i want an aggressive hairline (and if i have too few hair-source for that just put less hair in the back, cause there i can use Dermmatch or micro-pigmentation, or 2nd hair transplant at some time). Perhaps better to show him concrete pictures. Or better tell him i want aggressive hairline and he does his best, he is an expert. My hair: https://imgur.com/a/GCgv5 Perhaps i tell him i want the hairline of this 60 year old man:
  17. what makes emily ratajowski so hot?

    legit she looks so fucking weird in a lot of her pics but she's still hot as fuck I dont get it she even has a masculine vibe but still pulls it off.
  18. Do you think HGH could increase clavicle length if used before the growth plates close? Which is around 25 for males.
  19. I have been using cutting-edge graphics tools (MS Paint) to analyze values of facial ratios in famous MMs and leading male action/romance stars things to note: 2.0 fWHR fetishists BTFO, the average is just 1.8 and very few exceed 1.9 (measured at approximate middle of the eyebrows) Also "facial thirds" theory debunked, Chads have lower thirds larger than middle thirds by 10% or more (except for pretty-boys like Cruise and Lachowski) Interesting is how mid-face ratio of exactly 1 seems to be ideal Obviously it's still work in progress, as you can see by the unfinished Chads EDIT: I have uploaded all the analyzed pics so far to imgur: https://imgur.com/a/6WuFW
  20. a true applause to @"Katie" for requesting the prospective morph From "I'll show you who I am bitch" to "I'm all rainbows and butterflies" Just change your eyebrows theory